These days, technology is in a continuous development, and we can see that smartphones are improving, year by year, and of course we love this. But just like anything else, these improvements comes with advantages and disadvantages.

The antennas contained in mobile phones, including smartphones, emit radiofrequency (RF) radiation (non-ionizing “radio waves” such as microwaves); the parts of the head or body nearest to the antenna can absorb this energy and convert it to heat. Since at least the 1990s, scientists have researched whether the now-ubiquitous radiation associated with mobile phone antennas or cell phone towers is affecting human health.

RadiationStopper PRO Review

Why we recomend RadiationStopper PRO ?

If you’re looking for ways to limit your exposure to the magnetism emissions from your mobile phone, you’ll be able to use one of the chips designed to defend radiations. RadiationStopper PRO is one in all the most effective  marketing radiation stopper device worldwide.

RadiationStopper PRO is an amazing device that safeguards you and your admired ones from the sick effects of an electromagnetic wave from numerous mobiles, WiFi-enabled gadgets & IoT devices while not compromising on the signal strength or property. Place RadiationStopper PRO at your home or digital computer. Charging is not a problem, because it will only need to be exposed to light, quarter-hour per week to fully charge.

RadiationStopper PRO Review

Prolonged exposure to radiation from internal and external sources like mobile towers, routers, laptops, mobile phones and alternative wireless devices puts you at high risk of heart diseases, higher stress levels, lower immunity levels, poor sleep quality and lots of alternative health problems. Children, expecting mothers and old-age individuals ar a lot of tormented by these radiations. W.H.O. (World Health Organisation) has termed these magnetism radiations as probably cancerous and slotted them within the same class as fumes, lead and amphibole.

What are the hazards of radiation?

On average, we use our phone 3-4 hours a day, without notice that, but there are many risks with harmful radiation of mobile and other electronic devices, with a level of exposure differing for every device. Radiation exposure can cause a number of health concerns, most specifically damage to cell tissue, including cancer.

Risks associated with radiation:

  1. DNA damage
  2. Stress
  3. Compromised immune system
  4. ADHD
  5. Cancer in children
  6. Promotes breast cancer
  7. Childhood obesity
  8. Asthma
  9. Tumors
  10. Headaches
  11. Memory issues
  12. Heart problems
RadiationStopper PRO Review

A study by the company EME lab and Motorola Sunshine State analysis Laboratories tested nine completely different mobile phone radiation shields, five of that claimed to dam ninety-nine of mobile phone radiation. the opposite four shields tested claimed to emit a reverse radiation that will get rid of the harmful radiation from cell phones. The study found that everyone of the radiation shields had no impact on the quantity of radiofrequency radiation a mobile phone user is exposed to from their phone.

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How will RadiationStopper PRO Work ?

According to the first law of thermodynamics, energy doesn’t appear out of nowhere or vanish into nothing – rather it transforms from one state into another. This fundamental physical reality is the conceptual basis for the operation of the Aires microprocessor and the Aires Device systems built on it.

RadiationStopper PRO Review

A random change in the properties of these superpositions causes a correction to the structural parameters of the living matter it originally generated. In turn, a living being is an open physical system that continuously exchanges energy and matter with its surroundings.

From this point of view, the effect on the molecular structure of a life form through its own electromagnetic superposition is most actively caused by external electromagnetic radiation, which either stabilizes it, such as part of the universal medium (the proper geophysical background), or, on the contrary, destabilizes (man-made radiation) it, such as a stimulus with no genetic foundation. As a result, man-made electromagnetic radiation does not adapt itself to a living body, becoming the cause of internal structural conflicts and system defects.

RadiationStopper PRO Review

These chips act as a barrier between our body and also the harmful radiation however in a very completely different approach. What these chips do is alter the character of the magnetism field (EMF) radiation emitted by a tool to form it a lot of tolerable to the build. According to the manufacturer of RadiationStopper PRO, “Most wireless devices emit radiation that’s constant. Our body although is conversant in random waves. This chip converts constant waves to random waves. It doesn’t management emissions from the phone.” 

They claim to use a mixture of minerals to harmonise radiation emitted from wireless devices. “The product adjusts the waves emitted by the gadgets to a frequency that’s a lot of appropriate for the body.

Features Of RadiationStopper PRO

  • Neutralizes cellphone radiation: Smartphones today emit harmful radiations that can affect our health. The RadiationStopper PRO protects anyone who uses your phone or tablet.
  • Universal compatibility: Quickly and easily attaches to your smartphone, iPhone, tablet, computer, laptop and more, blocking harmful EMF waves. 
  • Easy to use: Stick it and forget it. Permanently attaches to the outside of the case and can be moved to different case using spare tape included in the package.
  • Health and Safety: The device is safe to use and protects your immune system from penetrating EMF radiation. The specialized combination of crystals and minerals delivers safe, all-natural grounding and balance.
  • Reduces hipersensitivity: A lot of smartphone users actually have an acute sensitivity to EMF radiation and waves produced by cellphones today. This device eliminates that nauseous, headache-inducing feeling entirely!
  • Alleviates Heat: Smartphones today are so powerful they have a tendency to heat up and burn the face. The RadiationStopper PRO better disperses the heat and protects your skin in the process.
  • Counteracts harmful effects of EMF / EMR radiation generated by laptops, computers, cell phones, tablets, routers & more. Protect You and Your Family from EMF Radiation & Enjoy greater peace of mind!
  • Provides Broad Protective Shield: Built to last in EU (European Union) and Designed for those who live or work in high EMF and wireless radiation environments. EMF Protection Cell Phone Radiation Protection Tesla Technology – Award Winning (Brussels 2006 & Geneva 2004)
  • Negative Ion Generator EMF Shield: Once they reach our bloodstream, negative ions are believed to produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, helping to alleviate depression and relieve stress.
  • Therapeutic Design: Made of 16 semi-precious elements blended together with rare metals and special oxides with superior magnetic properties to support optimal health.

What devices can the RadiationStopper PRO work on?

RadiationStopper PRO Review

The RadiationStopper PRO functions on all devices, including smartphones, tablets, and televisions. The effectiveness of this product is still up for debate. Consumers with serious concerns about radiation should consult their physician. Additionally, scientists and researchers are still unsure of the precise effects and impacts of radiation sources like cell phones and tablets on the human body.

How do you use RadiationStopper PRO?

Once the sticker is placed onto the device, no further activation is required. Each week, the chip should be exposed to sunlight for about 15 minutes to recharge. Once on the device and activated, the RadiationStopper PRO immediately begins to work to minimize the transfer of radiation from the device into the body of the user.


People who use cellphones for long periods have also reported symptoms like difficulty concentrating, fatigue, sleep disturbance, memory loss and headaches, the report added. However, it clearly specifies that scientific studies have not yet connected these symptoms to radiation exposure and that they could instead be stress-induced.

RadiationStopper PRO Review

The Perfect EMF Protection Product for you and your family. Slap a sticker onto any of your devices and never worry about harmful radiation again! Our protection stickers possess the perfect combination of durability and effectiveness: The Stickers will stay firmly on your device and will never have to be replaced. This Stickers work on any phone.

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