Spatial Sound Edge is an advanced technology that offers a full sound experience wherever you are. In the past Bluetooth speakers were like jelly beans: they were cheap, they all looked the same, and they were built with poor quality. Things shifted, and today, every major audio brand has at least one product from this category on the market, most of them have several. If you haven’t used a Bluetooth speaker lately, you will be surprised by how much they advanced as gadgets.

Spatial Sound Edge review

Progress in this industry does not mean that any Bluetooth speaker justifies its price tag, no matter how inexpensive it might be. There are still a lot of poorly devices around today. But don’t worry, we ‘re here to help you stay clear of them and direct you at the price level that suits your budget because you don’t need to pay a lot for a quality speaker. 

What is Spatial Sound Edge?

It transforms the surfaces where it is placed into sound sources.
The Spatial Sound Edge is the most powerful vibration speaker available worldwide. It is as small as an apple, portable, and bright colored. This is how Spatial Sound Edge appears, a device that in spite of its basic aspect is the world’s most powerful wireless vibration speaker. With a power of 18 watts, when this device is put on any smooth surface it begins to vibrate producing amplified sounds.

Spatial Sound Edge review

It has a built-in battery and can be easily connected to a smartphone, tablet, and computer via Bluetooth to reproduce music, movie soundtracks, and games. You just need to touch it on its touchpad and thanks to a microphone it removes the environmental sounds as well as allows you to make and receive clear speakerphone calls.

Realized by Hyperstech company, Spatial Sound Edge functions almost in the same way as traditional loudspeakers but unlike them, it doesn’t need a sounding board: you just need to rest it with its sucker against the chosen surface that in turn vibrates and becomes a loudspeaker that emits sound waves. The (maximum) output of the device depends on the surface material.

And this is exactly what makes the device interesting to use,  you can experiment and place the device on different surfaces according to your musical tastes. For example, a wooden table emits a soft and rounded sound while a metallic surface generates bass sounds. Cardboards create a curious “vinyl effect” while glass emits clear and high sounds.

Spatial Sound Edge review

Generally, you have the impression that music doesn’t come from a precise point, rather, it spreads into the environment evenly. The device can generate sounds with great impact for example at a party, where you can easily imagine a tribe that vibrates to the rhythm of music: just connect multiple Spatial Sound Edge devices via cable and you’ll get the party started. If you prefer the sounds of nature, simply turn on the Spatial Sound Edge device in a park and you will amplify them.

Why Do I Need Spatial Sound Edge?

When you want the highest quality audio, then SpatialSound Edge is a must-have because you’ll certainly appreciate the quality of the sound it offers. The amplified bass the product delivers guarantees the tempo stays unchanged. There is a reason why the maker of the product added the “Edge” meaning that the device will have the upper hand when compared to the other products that are already available in the market.

Spatial Sound Edge review

This speaker has great Bluetooth connectivity and also can be attached from a distance of a maximum of 20  meters using a Samsung or an iPhone but not only. It can flow the sound around.

What are the  Benefits of Spatial Sound Edge?

Our challenge was to find the best buy speaker in a specific price range, so we have tested a few until we found this one. We put all the speakers in several tests, like battery life, play distance, or charging time. We were surprised by this speaker because once we attached it with an iPhone from a distance of 9 meters, the sound level of the music was the same when the speaker was next to the phone. Unlike other devices in the same price category that lost the connection from 5 meters, also its charging time is pretty good considering that it offers a  battery with generous capacity.

Spatial Sound Edge review

The following benefits may be shown, after using the device for a while, we have it used it in our office for two weeks daily and drew the following conclusions:

  • Great Bluetooth connectivity to the devices
  • Battery life is durable
  • The sound is of high quality and music can be heard at a distance
  • Easily portable due to the low weight
  • A 12-month warranty in the event the product is malfunctioning
  • Connectivity to a wide variety of devices and not limited to phones alone

What should I look for when buying a Bluetooth speaker?

Spatial Sound Edge review

The Bluetooth version defines the audio communication efficiency and the range that you can maintain between your handset and the speaker. Ideally, you must opt for Bluetooth 4 or better because this version provides support for low-energy mode, increases battery life, and can support connection from a distance of 60 meters wide.

What is a vibration speaker?

They are called vibrational speakers, sometimes referred to as vibrational transducers. This sort of speaker can transform every object into an acoustic enclosure, duplicating the sound waves over and over the wall, offering you a better richer audio experience.

Spatial Sound Edge review

Why do speakers vibrate?

An electromagnet is mounted in front of a permanent magnet built in the speaker. As the wave of energy travels into the coil of the electromagnet, the path of the magnetic field shifts rapidly. This indicates that it is attracted to and disturbed by the permanent magnet, vibrating back and forth.


Spatial Sound Edge review

Spatial Sound Edge is a Bluetooth speaker that offers you the highest sound quality. The Spatial Sound Edge Speaker is a must-have for all those who enjoy music and want a fantastic sound quality. On the market, we can see a lot of Bluetooth speakers, people usually buy expensive brand ones, but this is a really bad thing. Because in most cases they pay a lot only for the brand, not for a speaker that offers a great sound.

Spatial Sound Edge can give you the best quality sound even at a distance of about 15m. The speaker also has its own remote control, which offers convenience to the user. If you are looking for an affordable but good quality Bluetooth Speaker, then the Spatial Sound Edge Speaker is definitely a must-have.