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It’s no secret that, nowadays, phones are the most commonly used gadget in human history. Actually everybody owns a cell, and some do have a smartwatch too. In the same way that most of the regular phones we use these days have many unique features, fragility has been a major problem. One wrong move and your entire screen can be broken and the case bent.
Many people are comfortable with ordinary phones, but what if you have to be in more extreme conditions? Or are you the guy who loves outdoor adventures?

So, two weeks ago I was facing this problem, I wanted a phone for my mountain trips, and I couldn’t decide which option to choose. The market is offering some options, but unfortunately, many of them do not meet the standards, or are too expensive for what they offer.

So, I decided to test 3 devices with the best reviews, to decide which one is really the best.

What is this Tactic PhoneX?

Tactic Phone X Review

Tactic PhoneX is basically the toughest phone on the market today. Engineered to have the reliability that can endure harsh environments, this phone was designed specifically to survive the test of time and difficult conditions. The Tactic PhoneX is a rugged all-round phone that’s perfect for explorers, climbers, or people who work in construction companies who require a phone that’s almost unbreakable. With this device, you won’t think about the protection of your devices everywhere you go.

The handset has a long-lasting battery so that you don’t have to charge it on a hike, especially when you are on top of the mountain. Tactic PhoneX has wide visible number buttons on the keyboard and the quality of the display is perfectly clear. The handset is durable enough to support even the hardest activities on outdoor excursions or on construction sites.

Why Do I Need the Tactic PhoneX?

Tactic Phone X Review

Tactic PhoneX is designed to deal with the difficult outdoor conditions. When you’re hiking, riding a bike, or if you are at work it will be hard for a fragile device to survive the harsh encounters that come with outdoor activities. While being water-and dust-proof, Tactic Phone X can survive impacts on any rough surface without breaking down.

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Conventional smartphones have batteries that last only three hours at full usage. That is not the case with the Tactic PhoneX; the handset will last long enough to allow you to make a lot of calls or browse on the internet. Think that you have an emergency in your trip, and your smartphone battery is dead, this device won’t let you down especially when you need it most, so, it’s clear that your next outdoor excursion would be incomplete without the Tactic PhoneX.

What are the features of Tactic PhoneX?

Tactic Phone X Review

Fitted with some really unique capabilities, the amount of effort put into designing this phone is too impressive. Also, it’s features are amazing considering that this phone must be water and shockproof for real.

1. Powerful Led Lighting

This device is fitted with a really efficient flashlight LED feature. It’s actually one of the most powerful LED lights on any phone today. It makes it really good for night treks because this LED torch will help you see distances and difficult places far ahead of you.

2. Strong Speaker Quality.

With amazing sound quality, we can honestly say that the sound on this phone is louder than the standard smartphone speakers. This means that you can also use it as a  portable speaker to bring you more enjoyment for you and your friends.

3. FM & Music

It has an FM radio and does not need an external antenna. This helps you to enjoy a nice walk and listen to music while you go. Mind, as I said before  it’s got extremely big speakers.

4. Tactic PhoneX is Indestructible

Tactic Phone X Review

People sometimes upgrade their mobile for various purposes, but some users do so often after their devices have fallen down. Most of the cases, it’s not their fault. We all know how new devices aren’t that durable, so when they crack, they may be out of fix in certain situations.

It is another situation that makes a Tactic PhoneX strong. Significant situations that involve fog, snow, crashing to the ground, being tossed into the water, and so on, do not impact this device. Such extreme conditions will not affect the efficiency of this phone. This is also shatterproof because of its rubber coating.

5. Resistant To Water

Most modern phones get sent to their early graves once they come in contact with water. Even if they are resistant to water too, the mic and the speakers are going crazy when in contact with water. Sometimes they never recover, so on many devices, water resistance is just a marketing ploy.

The Tactic PhoneX is a waterproof phone built to get rid your worry. The speakers, the keyboard and the display are all waterproof. You don’t need to panic whether this advanced device is hit by a splash or spill.

6. Massive Battery Life

We all know the problem smartphones face as they start getting aged. They’re beginning to have a bad battery life, which means you’re going to charge it more than you use it.

That is not the case with the Tactic PhoneX as it has a 3000mAh battery capacity that provides up to 30 days of normal battery life. On top of this, it can be used as a power source to charge other items, making it an essential device to have in your pocket for long trips and adventures.

Even if you’re a heavy user, this phone will last up to a week at a single charge.

7. Anyone Can Use The Tactic PhoneX

This is another aspect where Tactic Phone X has an advantage, a large keyboard that is simple to use and supports 15 different languages. Since the interface is simple and well planned out, it’s quick to use.

The big icons on the 2.4-inch display make it simple to navigate from the first use, there are no complex features or complicated apps, it just provides the required functionality.

8. Store Tones of Music and Pictures on Tactic PhoneX

Most of the time, your phone is limited by the memory the phone offers. With Tactic PhoneX you get the big 64GB memory, but also the ability to insert a TF card.

This opens up loads of possibilities, enabling it to store thousands of pictures and songs without having to sacrifice space on the phone. This means it will perform at a higher standard for longer and run faster than smartphones that are near capacity.

9. Use Up to 3 Sim Cards With Tactic PhoneX

A lot of businessmen and women have to take numerous phones with them on trips which are inconvenient, stressful, and above all, they do not look professional.

Tactic PhoneX can support 3 sim cards to add a level of convenience whilst allowing you to travel lighter. You can switch between all three with ease saving you time and space.

Summary of its features

Tactic Phone X Review
  • Indestructible: Built with dual-tone soft rubber material, excellent strength. Zero gaps in every corner while remaining stylish with a sleek design.
  • Shatter Resistant: Survive any drop – the strong construction and rubber material reduce the impact of collisions.
  • Water Resistant: You can keep it immersed in water, and even record under-water videos. Feel free to use in rain, in your shower, or underwater.
  • Huge Battery Capacity: Keeps its charge for up to 2 weeks under regular daily usage. It even works as a power bank and can charge your USB devices on the go.
  • Dust Resistant: Totally protected against dust – no need to worry about sand, dirt, or volcanic ash.
  • Super Strong Flashlight: No more fear of darkness – every corner of the Earth ready for you to explore.
  • 3 sim card slots
  • Simple user interface
  • Standby time of 360-720 hours
  • Waterproof
  • Scratch proof
  • Fall resistant
  • LED flashlight
  • Camera

Why Is The Tactic PhoneX Known As The Toughest Smartphone?

The Tactic PhoneX is one of the most durable devices available since it has been designed for outdoor and sportsmen.. It’s an ultra-rugged, robust smartphone that promises to keep you linked to the outside world even though you’re in the deepest forest. You get the communication you need while you’re outside or in a difficult situation.

Is The Tactic PhoneX Suitable For Elders?

Tactic Phone X Review

We all know that seniors don’t care so much about phones, so most of the time they accidentally break them, in addition, a smartphone can be difficult to use for an elder. The Tactic PhoneX is one of the best-suited phones for elders with such a large screen, a large keyboard, a large font, and a quick and basic interface.


From our user experience with this Tactic Phone, the key aspect of this phone that got me interested in is its strong, waterproof feature. I plunged the handset in the water, and nothing happened to it. It continued running properly without any problems at all. So the resistance to water is proven.

Another interesting thing I liked about the phone is a strong flashlight. The flashlight will turn the night into day with just a simple press of a button. The Battery also lasted for 6 days of medium use. During our test, I didn’t observe any major bugs with this phone. Without any doubt, I recommend this phone for you as it is really worth the price comparing what it is able to do.

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