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With a good HealthWatch you can track information like movement, steps and heart rate are all part of the quantified self movement which is quickly gaining in popularity.

With so many wearables on the market today, choosing a fitness tracker or smartwatch can be difficult. The right one for you will be based on your individual needs; whether it’s step counting, sleep tracking or 24/7 heart rate tracking, there’s something for everyone.

We’ve seen quite a few new wearables recently. Read on for our pick of the best, broken them down across various categories.

This amazing smartwatch uses the most up to date technology to give you everything you expect, and a lot more.

If you are one of the many people who are looking for something that will help to get you into shape, then don’t waste your time on an unreliable brand. Try HealthWatch.

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The problem that many people experience when it comes to smartwatches, is reliability.

Because it has the technology to complement its eye-catching appearance, the answer is HealthWatch.

You will be taking advantage of the various features and reaching your health goals in no time.

Regular smartwatches only have a handful of capabilities and are known for being low on quality and durability.

The HealthWatch excels in both of these areas making it one of the most complete options the health industry has ever seen.

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What Does The HealthWatch Do?

If you are bored of similar designs then you have probably been drawn to the slick appearance of HealthWatch.

On the outside it is great, but it is what goes into the watch that is really impressive. A familiar complaint of smartwatches is that they have poor battery life.

The HealthWatch has an excellent 30 days of standby time, or a 15 day continual working period. This is unheard of for many brands.

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It is the added functions that make it so good. With a heart rate monitor, you can see just how challenging your workout is.

This is a complete health-minded smartwatch which is apparent in the other functions it has. The pedometer can show you how much work your daily routine is.

Combine this with the calorie counter and you can get a real gauge as to how well your fitness and health goals are going.

These functions are incredibly useful, but what really gets people talking about it is the fact that you can monitor your blood pressure level.

Recording something so important is unique in that not a lot of competitor watches can do it. This is possible through its advanced sensor.

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With a sleep tracking function, you can also monitor how well your recovery is going.

It is better to get sufficient rest after exercise, the HealthWatch helps you to keep track of all aspects of your diet.

The HealthWatch also has a personal alarm that is discreet, but effective. It will only wake the wearer which is good for your partner as they sleep.

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Another problem that many people face when looking at smartwatches is that they just don’t do a lot beyond the usual fitness capabilities.

The HealthWatch is a lifestyle aid meaning it will also notify you when you receive a message.

This can be set up to work with certain social media apps, SMS, phone calls and more.

Another useful extra is that it can be used to control your phone camera remotely.

This means you will be able to set it up to take a picture from a distance, not a lot of smartwatches offer this function.

Being able to access your phone is important, as is the ability to find it when lost.

The HealthWatch makes it easy to call your phone so you never lose it again.

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The most impressive element yet is the app that works alongside the watch. This allows you to create a health analysis report.

The in-depth graphs show your fitness trends in an easy to understand diagram. It even has a fatigue index which tells you when you have been showing signs of tiring.

Because it is to be used during strenuous exercise, it is important that the right materials are used to ensure its comfort.

The high-quality C9 silicon strap is friendly on your skin so it doesn’t distract you from optimal performance levels.

It offers the highest grade of waterproofing (IP68) making it suitable for swimming, diving and can be worn when showering.

You want your smartwatch to follow you everywhere you go, with the HealthWatch this is possible.

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Who Could Benefit From Using HealthWatch?

Anyone who cares about their health. If you are in the market for a smartwatch that will monitor your fitness progress, then HealthWatch is one of the very best.

If you have suffered from health conditions or have fitness goals that you want to keep an eye on then it is a perfect fit.

It can even help the wearer to keep an eye out for a heart attack making it invaluable to a lot of people.

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It has contemporary looks meaning it can be worn by anyone as a day to day watch, with the multifunction capabilities of a high-end smartwatch.

You can also choose from a variety of colors to suit your personal taste.

Resistant to shock, adverse weather conditions such as extreme cold and heat, it is built to last.

Compatible with most smartphones including Apple iOS 7.0 and Android 4.3 it takes no time to set up and is also used through Bluetooth 4.0 or above.

The HealthWatch is the ideal fitness companion and a thoughtful gift for anyone.

Health Watch Review

Is The HealthWatch Worth It?

Absolutely! If it is your first smartwatch, then it will be your last. You will never need another one again due to the multiple features, long battery life, and the fact that it is so easy to use.

More than a watch, it compliments a busy lifestyle. The HealthWatch will help to keep you up to date with all your apps and could even save your life.

It outperforms many of the overly expensive options and purchasing couldn’t be simpler. Just click here to buy this incredible smartwatch to experience it for yourself.

How can I buy the HealthWatch?

The HealthWatch is available for a limited time only, with exclusive offers and free shipping.

Ordering is quick and easy, so take advantage of the great price by ordering yours today.

There is a reason why many medical professionals across the world are recommending the use of this high tech device. And the best part about all of it: It’s all on autopilot – just charge it once a month and you’re good to go.

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Why should I buy this HealthWatch?

Normal smartwatches are overpriced and have lots of synchronization and compatibility issues, as well as low-quality apps.

The HealthWatch founders know that not everyone is an computer wizard and able to handle all kinds of devices with ease. That’s why during its development, they put an huge amount of importance on the fact that it needs to be easy to use by really anyone. According to our research, it really is. 

All we had to do is take it out of the packaging, adjust the strap, and turn it on. The whole setup process was done in a breeze…

HealthWatch has an amazing and incomparable price-quality ratio with no problems of synchronization or compatibility with your smartphone and high quality apps. That alone really simplifies and improves your daily life.


  • High-quality product – Waterproof TPE (Rubberized) strap
  • Looong Battery – 30 days standby time. Compatible with any Android or iOs Smartphone
  • Heart Rate & Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Track Daily Activities like Walking and Bike Riding


  • Long Lasting Battery & Waterproof
  • TPE (Rubberized) strap for extra comfort
  • Heart rate & Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Pedometer, Bike Rider, Sleep Monitor


  • Stock is running out quickly!

Bottom line: The time has come to wear a high-quality smartwatch, with a battery that lasts for a long time!

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Why Should You Get A HealthWatch Fitness Tracker
Think like this, a health watch is basically a medical assistant on your wrist. It can monitor your pulse, heart rate and blood pressure in real time. This means that this smartwatch can actually help you avoid a heart attack.
It is waterproof and dust-proof
Helps keeping track of your pulse, heart rate and blood pressure in real time
Works with Android and iOS
Easy to set up
Tracks you full day activity
Long battery life
Available only online
Sometimes the weather app doesn't load
If the stock runs out, you may need to wait for up to 2 weeks to get it
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