A WiFi router is an electronic device that sends data received from an Internet cable to other devices. It also acts as a wireless access point from which it shares data through the use of radio signals. The router converts the data stream delivered by your Internet connection into radio signals.

These signals are received by WiFi capable devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets. The internet has changed dramatically over the last two decades, and so did WiFi routers. The first generation of WiFi routers followed the introduction of WiFi technology in 1998 and offered speeds of only up to 2 Mbps.

To put that number into perspective, consider that the average video bitrate of a Full HD YouTube video playing at 25 frames per second is 8 Mbps.

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But sometimes, despite advanced technology, we face situations where the Internet is slow even if we already have a good router and subscription. Let’s find out why?

What is WiFi Repeater?

This is a small device specially designed to boost the power of a Wi-Fi signal and help spread across larger areas in your apartment, home or office. The gadget is small, almost the size of a smartphone charger. It is especially ideal for busy families and small offices.

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WIFI Repeater is designed to increase WiFi connectivity even in the hard-to-reach areas where the signal is weak. It, therefore, improves loading times, video buffering, as well as overall internal connection. The device is easy to use:

  • Plug it into any electrical outlet in the house or office. It works best when plugged where the signal is weakest
  • Connect it to the router
  • Enjoy the fast internet connection

What Factors Affect WiFi Signal Strength?

Typically, a home will have one wireless network router that allows connection to the Internet. The wireless signal is sent out by the router and covers the home. The problem is that this signal is not perfect and it will degrade over distance and due to factors such as obstacles.

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If you are in your bedrooms at the end of your home, for example, this can cause your signal quality to be reduced leading to slower connection speeds and higher rates of frustration.

Let quickly look at some of the factors that cause degradation of your wifi signal, so you’d know which is at play in your situation.

  • Physical obstructions

No matter how cleverly your building has been designed, there are some surprising factors that can prevent your wireless signal from having its optimum reach and performance. The most notable of these is the very fabric used in the construction, and the layout of those materials. For example, metal, mirrors and concrete are commonly used in modern building design, but they can all have a considerable impact on signal interference.

  • Other wireless networks

Another major influence on the performance of your wireless network is that of other networks in the local area – such as from a neighbouring business or local hotspot. It’s a major issue today, but a WiFi survey will be able to determine if nearby interference would be an issue with your particular business premises. And when we’re installing your network, we’ll then be able to make some quick fixes and get you on the appropriate channel.

  • Electronic gadgets and other devices

There’s a long list of electronic gadgets and devices that can interfere with the frequency of your wireless network. Some of these can be WiFi-based devices such as cordless phones, microwaves, satellite dishes and alarm systems.

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A wireless survey will be able to identify whether or not any of these may be a problem to getting your business running on a fast network. But it’s easy to see how in a busy, modern office, filled with gadgets, there are numerous items that can interfere.

  • Distance

No matter if your users are overnight hotel guests or office workers, then being too far from from a router, which leads to a poor connection, is a common cause of frustration. If your business premises occupy a large area, such as a whole office floor or something up to the size of a shopping centre, then we’ll be able to recommend the solutions that are necessary in order to guarantee strong signal coverage no matter where you access the network across your site.

  • Technical settings

Security protections such as router encryptions are very important, especially when it comes to keeping your customers’ data secure. But on older or cheaper systems, it’s possible that any security settings may impede your wireless network from being at its optimum – not that we’d recommend turning them off. If your business has had a network installed long ago and you’ve not updated them in a while, then any firmware may well be out of date – and this can slow down performance for the end-user.

  • Weather

Even though a radio frequency signal from a router is indoors, environmental conditions can affect it. Storms and bad weather can disrupt these wireless signals and further degrade them.

So what’s the solution to boosting WiFi signal strength? How can you get a signal that covers your entire household without having to invest in a whole new and more expensive router that may or may not solve the issue? The answer is to look at getting the WiFi Repeater. This WiFi signal repeater can do wonders to improve signal strength in any home or office.

Why Do I Need WiFi Repeater?

We all know the connectivity issues we experience from time to time when using wireless internet. From weak signals, slow loading, video buffering, to poor connections. Sometimes, you may lack connection altogether even when there’s nothing wrong with your router. WIFI Repeater solves all these issues, among others, quickly and efficiently. All you need to do is just plug it into an electrical outlet, connect it to the router, and enjoy faster internet connectivity.

The device comes with advanced technology that works for any router. With it, you do not need to move your router, use internet connection cables to better the signal, or move things around in your house. Also, you won’t have to pay any extra subscription costs. Just plug it in the “dead spot” in your apartment or office, and WiFi power will be immediately boosted. No matter the size of your home, this device is sure to spread the WiFi signal to all parts.

This gadget comes with several modes which you can adjust as per your network. Its high compatibility means you can connect several devices, including your iPhone, PC, smart TV, iPad, as well as tablets.

WIFI Repeater is incredibly small, almost the size of a standard smartphone charger. This makes it portable so you can carry it wherever you want. It is also worth mentioning that compared to many similar products, this gadget comes at a relatively lower price and performs better.

How Strong Is The Amplified Signal From WiFi Repeater? 

The problem with some RF repeaters is that the amplified signal is not as strong as it could be. This means that the coverage is not as good as it could be, leaving you with possible dead zones in the home where coverage is patchy at best.

The WiFi Repeater promises unbeatable coverage and in this sense, it does deliver. The amplified RF signal will allow connection speeds of up to 300Mbps, which is certainly more than enough for HD streaming of music and movies and allows for multiple connections from different users throughout the home.

WIFI Repeater Performance and Benefits

The Wi-Fi booster comes with in-built antennas, which increase the coverage of your Wi-Fi signal by getting it across multiple rooms. Whatever the size of your apartment, the device quickly transmits Wi-Fi signals to all corners and hard-to-reach areas.

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We noticed that besides having an excellent reach, WIFI Repeater also provided connections of speeds up to 300mbps. It is also easy to adjust to different networks because it comes with numerous modes. Since it has high compatibility, we were able to connect multiple devices, including Android and iOS devices, plus smart TVs and PCs.

Some of the benefits of using WIFI Repeater include:

  • The device receives an existing Wi-Fi signal, doubles the range at a higher frequency and distributes the faster and stronger signal to all areas of the house
  • With WIFI Repeater, you do not need to move your router or other things in the house. You don’t need internet cables. The device improves your signal wirelessly.
  • It comes with high compatibility. You can, therefore, connect multiple devices
  • You will not incur any extra subscription costs.
  • It is easy to use. Plug it into an electrical outlet, connect it to the router, and experience fast internet connection.
  • It is relatively cheaper compared to similar products, yet its efficiency is unrivaled.

What About Device Compatibility?

These days, we all connect to the Internet using different devices such as mobile phones, sleep trackers, etc. with different operating systems. This does sometimes cause connection problems due to incompatibilities between firmware and software versions. So how does the Wifi Repeater stack up in this area?

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Happily, the WiFi Repeater is compatible with just about anything that you can throw at it, including Android devices and Apple devices. This also includes smart TVs, other smart devices, and desktop PCs and laptops running Windows.

The final verdict

All of us need the internet at home or office to stay connected to the world. This is something that we cannot compromise on. My work and personal life have become very easy because of this device. You can use it too and add speed to your existing wifi instead of spending a lot of money on another connection. The company is running under an offer of 50% to make it easy for all working professionals working from home. You can order your speed booster today and work well from home.

How Much The Wifi Repeater Costs?

You can get it for as low as $49, but also other offers are available on the official website. The price of this super-fast device is very much minimal and cost-effective. You can buy it in bulk to save your money too.


Money-back guarantee and refund policy

The device works well and has amazing consumer satisfaction. If you still feel that you are unhappy with the way it functions, you can return it and get your money back. You will have to contact the customer service team, and they will get back to you within a week. The product will be replaced, or if you wish, you can have your money refunded in a month.