WildSurvive Pro is no mainstream survival kit. We tested it ourselves and came with a review. Many adults enjoy the serenity of spending time in nature as a way to escape the stress and craziness of everyday life. Not only can fresh air and natural scenery have a positive impact on adults, outdoor activities for children can also improve the overall quality of kids’ lives. Research has shown that spending time in nature has been associated with decreased levels of mental illness, with the strongest links to reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety.

WildSurvive Pro Review

But mother nature has its own rules and they are not always so easy to overcome. That‘s why every outdoors enthusiast knows the importance of the right gear while in the wild. You never know what awaits you once you step into the wilderness – but you can be 100% prepared for any kind of situation if you have the right tools. What then are the right tools?

What is WildSurvive Pro?

When it comes to any survival or outdoor activities, being prepared can make a difference between thriving and struggling. There are many ways to prepare for the food and water that consumers may need to bring along with them, but the tools that they carry are equally important.

Whether the tools are for hunting, direction, or keeping their body safe, Wild Survive Pro can help. In the wild, you are your guide, cook, and even hunter. Unlike inhabited areas, the woods will have everything in its raw form!

Therefore, tools should be such that they solve multiple problems. For example, the knife provided in the WildSurvive Pro kit is small enough to be carried on the person. It is also sharp enough to slice branches for lighting a fire that ensures warmth, cooked food, and protection from wild animals.

Given the difficult times we are facing at the moment, we would also like to add that, this emergency kit can come in handy for everybody who has to stay in isolation or quarantine for a few weeks, especially those who cannot do in the comfort of their homes.

You can keep the WildSurvive Pro in the back of your car or in your home. This will ensure you are prepared for any in case of a natural disaster or calamity. It has been called the Best Survival Kit and we can easily see why.

Who produces WildSurvive Pro?

WildSurvive Pro Review

A quick search online will reveal the real manufacturer of the WildSurvive Pro survival kit: a company named Colsen. That company makes survival kits catered to people who want basic survival items without paying a fortune.

What are the Contents?

The market gives us a lot of options when we are looking for Survival Kits, these can be very different, depending on how many situations they cover. No matter the situation you find yourself in, this kit has what you need to find your way out of being lost or survive if you’re stuck wherever you are. Whether you need clean drinking water, food, or even medical attention, this kit has what you need to keep yourself safe.

  • A Pen– how many times did you need a pen and there was none in sight? Well, not anymore. Thanks to WildSurvive Pro you will always have one ready to be used;
  • Flashlight– it also has a flashlight that will come in handy when navigating your way around in the dark. It can be latched on to your belt and used at your convenience;
  • A Compass – since you cannot rely on your phone to navigate through the thick wilderness, a compass will come in handy. Unlike the usual compass, the one provided by WildSurvive Pro is small, compact, and gives a 360-rotating bezel to easy navigation. It also doubles as a lock which definitely comes in handy;
  • Rope or Twine – you may not need it when at home, but it is definitely useful when you are away;
  • A Knife – a military-grade that can be folded into a smaller size using the little button on its body. The knife ensures you can be quick in popping it open when you sense danger. The back of the blade easily opens cans, bottles and even break the glass;
  • Multi-tool – you could easily keep this one in your pocket, as it is useful in so many situations;
  • An Emergency Blanket – the temperatures usually drop at night and if you have accidentally misplaced your own or feel colder. An emergency blanket that is in the kit will help you survive the night. It will keep in about 90% of the body heat. It folds into a smaller size to be used again;
  • A Woodcutter – needless to say, any survival should provide this;
  • Water bottle clip – this could come in handy in day to day life;
  • Firestarter – a fire starter is also provided that will help you start a steady fire in minutes.

What are the benefits of WildSurvive Pro?

WildSurvive Pro Review

1. Extremely Affordable

WildSurvive Pro is very affordable. Unlike other survival kits, where you have to spend a fortune to get, you can get, the WildSurvive Pro with a little bit of money. If you’re on a budget, don’t worry, you can afford it.

2. Made With Quality Materials

All the tools are made with high-quality materials. The materials used in the tools of the kit are strong enough to provide the service in the long run. Also, the company is offering a 3-year warranty.

3. Water-Resistant

We sometimes get worried and be like what if the survival kit comes into contact with water, what’s going to happen? The good news is that when making this kit, the manufacturer of this product already had that in mind. WildSurvive Pro is waterproof.

4. Very Efficient

This kit works very efficiently. The tools are designed in such a way that each works superbly on the right time.

Why do people buy this Survival Kit?

WildSurvive Pro Review

Understanding what to carry and what not to carry leaves you in a dilemma. This may make you miss out on some essential things. Thinking ahead and preparing accordingly is the key to surviving and enjoying at the same time.

  • Everything you may require on your excursion is provided in the bag. 
  • Small and compact as well as lightweight, ensuring it does not take up a lot of space. On such excursion, it is not possible to carry around devices and products that are heavy. They will only add extra weight and tire you out quickly. This survival kit comes with a Satisfaction Guarantee. 


A great adventure requires special tools and devices that ensure safety as well as productivity. The WildSurvive Pro survival kit is concise and compact, as well as multi-purpose! It provides you the basics to start a fire, cut wood, stay warm, and fight the stray if needed. It is a must-buy considering what it offers at this price!

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