CoverSafe Pro can become the substitute for the well-known and overused facial masks that become an integrated part of our daily outfit nowadays.

The COVID-19 Pandemic came with a lot of changes that humans were not fully ready to accept from the very beginning. Fortunately, every action that is done repeteadly for more than 21 days, becomes a habit, so simple tasks like wearing a mask or keeping the social distance have gradually become a normality.

CoverSafe Pro Review

Quality and design

CoverSafe Pro is a high-quality and secure mask created of reusable triple-layered material, making it durable and allowing the  wearer to breathe with ease. The mask will cover your nose and mouth. Considering it has an ergonomic design coupled with superior airflow materials, it will protect you against potentially harmful air pollution without worrying about fitting ability.

CoverSafe Pro  is a top-selling face cover with almost the same design and quality as the N95 mask, capable of protecting you against air pollutants and potential health risks. The product is personalized to offer protection against dust particles and any other pollutant found in places with an air quality index above 300. The mask will keep you safe by covering your entire nose and mouth area, ensuring polluted air contents aren’t introduced into your body’s system. Since the product is manufactured of charcoal mixture-oriented fabric, it can efficiently absorb air moisture.

CoverSafe Pro Review

CoverSafe Pro Unique Features :

  • Woven Nano Outer Shell
  • Water, dirt and UV resistant nanotechnology cotton acts as a barrier against coughs, sneezes and the elements.
  • Inner Cloud Filter
  • Blocks even the smallest airborne particles while also letting you breathe easily!
  • Soft Nano Inner Layer
  • Hypoallergenic and anti-pathogen cotton with nanosilver particles.

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Special Features:

  • Natural fit for perfect nose and mouth cover
  • Easy To Wear Everywhere And Regain Freedom
  • Ergonomic Design with High Air Flow materials
  • Antiperspirant materials properties for season change (winter-summer)
  • Extremely Lightweight Put and Forget
  • Washable and reusable

Why CoverSafe Pro?

  • TOP-RATED and highly tested
  • CoverSafe Pro has met the standards of world class labs around the globe.
  • Intertek Tested
  • ISO 9001 Tested
  • CE Tested
  • IFTH Tested
CoverSafe Pro Review

Features and functions of CoverSafe Pro

  • Unmatched Comfort – Soft straps for the ears and spacious coverage for the mouth and nose guarantees everyone enjoys CoverSafe Pro. The organic cotton lining is soft and chemical-free to prevent any skin irritation.
  • Anti-Fog Design (High Breathability) – The high grade fabrics eliminate material density and congestion to create a lightweight experience. In addition, the exact contouring from cheek to neck creates a proper fit and promotes ample circulation.
  • Eco Friendly – Each mask is 100% reusable and easy to wash. Because of the embedded Silica particles each mask is stain-resistant. When properly cared for, CoverSafe Pro can maintain effectiveness for over 65 washes.
  • 3-Layer Nanotech
  • Water Resistant – The bacterial defense of CoverSafe Pro is amplified by its ability to repel droplets. This also includes the emission of moisture collected on the inside of masks from talking, coughing or sneezing.
CoverSafe Pro Review

What are the benefits of CoverSafe Pro?

Ultimaty, this is a mask that checks all the boxes. From superior protection to ultimate comfort, CoverSafe Pro has it all.

  • Protects from Droplets
  • Antibacterial Fabric
  • Comfortable
  • Eco Friendly
  • Contour Design
  • Adjustable Ear-loops
  • Certified Lab Tested
  • Water & Dirt Resistant
  • Nose Bridge

Where Should You Use it ?

  • At school – Elementary and University students perform better when masks are properly fitted.
  • At work – People work long shifts. A breathable and comfortable mask makes it a good experience.
  • At home – We’re in and out all day long. Save time with an easy-to-use mask.
  • At the playground – Children are happiest when playing. Let them get a little dirty with a stain-free and washable CoverSafe Pro.
CoverSafe Pro Review

How have people reacted to the use of CoverSafe Pro?

CoverSafe Pro is one such product that can be used by people for a complete day without any discomfort. The best thing about this mask is that it is completely comfortable and fits any face size. People can wear it for hours and feel no pair on the ears or any kind of irritation around the face. It comes in different colors and is affordable too which has made a lot of people buy it. The product has received a lot of appreciation from people. Health professionals have also been suggesting its usage. CoverSafe Pro has thus gained a lot of popularity all over the globe.

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