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You already do everything from your smartphone. Well, what if you could also turn off the lights after you leave the house by your phone? Or, even turn on the front lights when you’re not home? Or, what if you could adjust the temperature in your house from your phone without even getting up from the couch? Well, now you can, thanks to the HomeNetix Remote!

HomeNetix is a Wi-Fi 4G universal remote which can control multiple infrared devices from your smartphone. Example of such devices is TV, Air Conditioner, Sattelite TV and any device you point a remote controller at.

HomeNETIX easily replaces all your remotes with your smartphone, making it tremendously easy to control your home. It is easy to use, and features amazing functionality. Made from high-quality materials, HomeNETIX will tremendously impact your life for the better.

HomeNetix Smart Device Review

With just a few clicks HomeNETIX can control your house’s appliances. It easy to use and anyone can do it. People are using it, and the results are incredible.

Basically, we can pretty much control every aspect of our lives with our phone. But what if we could also control our home? It may sound surreal, but it is easier than you think to transform your phone into an intelligent home control center.


With the help of HomeNETIX which will replace all your remotes with your smartphone. Here is everything you need to know about HomeNETIX and how it can improve your life.

What Is HomeNetix?

HomeNetix is a device that can help you control the electronics in your home. It can help you set limits on certain things (like the TV), help you when you’re forgetful in the morning, and even get the house ready for you before you come home.

This device will change the way you run your house – for the better. HomeNetix App is so easy to use, anyone with a smartphone can use it. All you have to do is buy the system, set up the app, and you’re good to go.

HomeNetix - Home Control Device

HomeNETIX – what we love about it

Before going into detail about how to use HomeNETIX, here some reasons why you will fall in love with this device, from the first time you use it.

What is HomeNETIX, you may ask?

To break it down, it is basically a home control center, a device that turns your house into a smart home.

It turns your basic home appliances into smart devices, connected to a universal system. That means that you can control your home anywhere, anytime through the application installed on your phone. It is compatible with IOS, Android, and Alexa. This makes it accessible to anyone.

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Another great thing about it is that it can support all home appliances. This includes the TV, the TV box, air conditioning, DVD, lighting and so on.

HomeNetix - Smart Home Control Device

Sometimes, smart devices like this can be quite difficult to install and use, but homenetix control center can be used by anybody. Lastly, we love the fact that it has an easy configuration and can be connected to the WiFi, without any gateway needed.

What HomeNETIX does best?

In this HomeNetix Review, we try to give you all of the information you can understand exactly what this product is. That way, can be confident with your purchase. That way, you can understand exactly what this According to the Official HomeNetix Website, this product has the capability to:

  • Control your home with your phone
  • Connect to appliances
  • Switch modes based on your needs
  • Easily connect to your smart phone
  • Turn everything into a smart device

Having a universal remote in your life could help you to get rid of clutter and make things a little more efficient in the future. You wouldn’t have to keep looking for your remotes if you have them all in your phone! Systems like the HomeNetix universal remote could help you to control your whole home simply by using a device and app. So, if you are ready to try it today, click on the image above!

What makes HomeNETIX so amazing?

HomeNETIX has a wide variety of functionalities, all of which are tied to its ability to turn a smartphone into a “remote controller” for any device.

HomeNetix Amazing Features

Adjust your appliances from wherever you are

We all know the struggles of the morning rush– you snooze the alarm 5 times and then have to shower, get dressed, eat breakfast and speed out the door in 20 minutes flat. So, what if you leave a few lights on? It can’t make that much of a difference, right?

Wrong! With over 40 light sockets in the average household, wasted energy adds up – fast. And where there’s wasted energy, there’s wasted money. Now with HomeNETIX, you can turn off lights and any other appliance when you are not at home. Also can set a timer that turns on/off the device when you fall asleep or when you want to wake up.

Control fast any appliance with your voice

Imagine that you do not find the remote control at the time the big game of the season begins. Don’t panic! Use your voice to control your TV, “Turn on the TV!” , “Change the channel to …” and enjoy the game with your friends.

With voice control, you can just ask HomeNETIX to turn on the lights in your bedroom, bathroom, and hallways when you’re ready to get up. You won’t have to get up and find the light switch to do any of this, but you have the power to decide exactly when the lights turn on.

Trigger recommend scenes

When you come home from work or the store, your home might not meet your exact specifications. You’ve just been sitting in the hot sun, and maybe the regular AC setting is not quite cool enough. Or maybe it’s later in the evening, and you can’t see anything as you’re walking in the door. You don’t have to look for the switch in the dark anymore. With Recommend Scenes feature you can make the appropriate changes when you come back home or when you leave.

Another option is the If_Then functions that help to control appliances based on environmental changes. For example: IF[window open] then [AC off].

Limit your child’s screen time

Watching too much television has a detrimental effect on all of us, especially children. It can cause health problems but also affect your mood and relationships. Now you can take control of your children’s use of technology. With HomeNetix you know exactly if your kids watched TV for a long time when you are away. You, as the parent, can control and modify the screen-time limits.

Sleep Better

Better quality sleep leads to better overall health – physically and mentally. The “Healthy Sleep” feature of HomeNETIX helps you to program your air conditioner to enable comfortable sleep and save energy use.

HomeNetix - Healthy Sleep Function

With “Healthy Sleep” an ordinary air condition becomes smart. You can customize the air condition status, time, mode and temperature, setting their own sleeping temperature. Adjust the temperature for the whole night by clicking on healthy sleep. Set thermostat mode and fan speed as you wish. Fully restorative sleep leads to feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. You feel sharper, more focused, and in control of life.

How does it work?

Have you ever heard of a universal remote? Well, the HomeNetix App works in a similar fashion. But, instead of having a remote, all you need is your phone! Here’s how to use your device:

  1. Make sure your phone is charged
  2. Connect to your internet
  3. Sync your smart phone and the HomeNetix Remote
  4. Configure your settings
  5. Enjoy your easy-to-use universal device!

HomeNETIX brings its users a number of advantages. You can turn off security lights when you are not at home. The most impressive functionality that comes with HomeNETIX is its ability to learn. 

While HomeNETIX comes pre-loaded with functionalities that it can perform on specific devices, for devices that it does not have any pre-loaded functions that it can perform, it can learn and start performing certain tasks. It is also effortless to set up. It comes with simple and clear instructions on how one can set it up within a few minutes. All you need to do is simply download either the Android or iOS app onto your smartphone, connect to the same network as your HomeNETIX device and connect your smartphone and HomeNETIX.

Conclusion: Is it worth it?

Smartphones are quickly becoming all-empowering devices that can turn your house into a fully-controllable smart home. Available for both Android and IOS devices, HomeNETIX makes us definitely say yes! Take control of your home today!

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HomeNetix – A New Smart Way To Control Your Home
You already do everything from your smartphone. Well, what if you could also turn off the lights after you leave the house by your phone? Get HomeNetix Now!
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