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Let’s talk about Active Noise Cancellation Headphones – let’s talk about ActivBeat 2.0!

Are you looking for a good pair of comfy wireless headphones? Whether you’re listening to music whilst on the train, monitoring radio shows in your studio, or kicking back at home, then the ActivBeat 2.0 (Faith 2) might be the ideal pair for you! With some amazing features, you will blown away by this 99$ headphones!

What You Get when you buy ActivBeat 2.0

Today we’re reviewing the ActivBeat 2.0 wireless headphones. They’re an affordable alternative to higher priced makers like Bose, but at 1/4 of the cost. Out of the box, the ActivBeat 2.0 comes with the following:

  • ActivBeat 2.0 headphones
  • 3.5mm turn Type-C audio cable
  • USB Type-C charging cable
  • Carrying case with buckle
  • Drawstring carry bag
  • User manual.

The Type-C audio cable is future proof (new standard USB for devices) and can be used for charging and data transmitting. It’s also a handy fallback in case the headphones ever run out of power in wireless mode. Plus, it’s more powerful than micro USB for faster charging.

active noise cancellation headphones

The cable end is also reversible, so fits in both ways round for an easier connection. Pack all the cables and headphones with you wherever you go in the very sturdy carry case.


Vector Flow Technology
ActivBeat 2.0 has a unique design wherein a ventilated back chamber in each ear cup of the headphone can propel air out and equalize air pressure on both sides of the headphone ear cans. This results in enhanced bass reproduction and an unparalleled sound fidelity.

ANC Technology
ActivBeat 2.0 adopts an advanced Active Noise Cancelling technology algorithm, which continuously measures surrounding white noise, compares and reacts it by canceling it with the opposite frequency signal, to bring you crystal-clear sound with exceptional noise canceling.

Oval over-ear design
ActivBeat 2.0 comes with state of design with premium materials and oval ear cups that nicely sit around your ears. The result is a great looking headphones with exceptional comfort. You can wear the headphones for hours and not worry about any fatigue.

Bluetooth 4.2
ActivBeat 2.0 is equipped with latest Bluetooth version 4.2, that makes these future proof in technology. You get maximum battery life due to low power consumption, which means you can leave your charger back when you head to long journeys with your ActivBeat 2.0 headphones.

New design, new colors
The design of ActivBeat 2.0 headphones are created to sync with your tastes and makes a hip fashion statement about your style. These are most elegant headphones in the product category, that comes in two colors and has a rotatable design.

How Noise Cancellation Mode Works

Active noise control (ANC), also known as noise cancellation, or active noise reduction (ANR), is a method for reducing unwanted sound by the addition of a second sound specifically designed to cancel the first.

Sound is a pressure wave, which consists of alternating periods of compression and rarefaction. A noise-cancellation speaker emits a sound wave with the same amplitude but with inverted phase (also known as antiphase) to the original sound.

The waves combine to form a new wave, in a process called interference, and effectively cancel each other out – an effect which is called destructive interference.

Modern active noise control is generally achieved through the use of analog circuits or digital signal processing.

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Adaptive algorithms are designed to analyze the waveform of the background aural or nonaural noise, then based on the specific algorithm generate a signal that will either phase shift or invert the polarity of the original signal.

This inverted signal (in antiphase) is then amplified and a transducer creates a sound wave directly proportional to the amplitude of the original waveform, creating destructive interference. This effectively reduces the volume of the perceivable noise.

wireless noise cancellation headphones

To say it as simple as possible, switching on the active noise cancelling mode reduces distractions from outside. Audio is cleaned up and sounds clearer, especially for spoken words like talk radio or podcasts.

Build with quality in mind

ActivBeat 2.0 it’s built to last and withstand a few bumps here and there. The material quality is over the average standards on the market.

The headphone design is unique in the way it handles audio. It has a ventilated back chamber in each ear cup so air can be pushed out. This equalizes the air pressure. Simply put, it enhances the bass reproduction and improves the sound quality in the enclosed space.

Wireless Range for ActivBeat 2.0

One of the best things about these types of headphones is the wireless capability. You can move freely without worrying about wires getting in your way.

ActivBeat 2.0 uses the latest Bluetooth 4.2 technology for better signal strength and device pairing. The range of the bluetooth signal can go up to 33 feet (1005 cm) from the source, so you can stay connected when moving from room to room at home or at the office.

Battery Life

The battery life in wireless mode boasts an impressive 16 hours. That gives you plenty of time if you’re using these in your studio or listening to music whilst travelling. Standby time is around 650 hours, so if you accidentally leave them switched on it won’t drain away the battery life.

Another bonus is you get longer battery life due to low power consumption, so they’re better suited for longer playback or long journeys.

Comfortable for Long Periods

The headphones are really comfy (I wore them for a full day without much irritation). The oval foam padding is very soft and rests nicely over the ear. You can wear these for hours on end without discomfort.

The adjustable frame and rotatable ear cups are welcome additions. This type of design accommodates for everyone, so you can alter it to fit perfectly. Just adjust the length of the headphones and rotate the cups.

Our verdict

Overall, these a very well made. They use good quality materials so they’re both durable and comfortable. Compared to alternatives on the market, these are at an affordable price. Definitely pick these up if you’re in need of a good quality pair of wireless headphones.

activbeat 2.0 box

What do you think of the ActivBeat 2.0 headphones? What headphones are you currently using? Let us know in the comments. If you liked this review then be sure to join the blog newsletter below and share with your friends. 

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Why You Should Buy ActivBeat 2.0 Headphones
The new headphones sound amazing, bass is booming and noise cancellation is more than enough for any loud situation. An affordable price for a good quality products.
Very comfortable
Works with any smartphone with a Bluetooth connection
Uses advance technology for the active noise cancellation system
Very good wireless range
Very long battery life
Available only online
If stock runs low, you may need to wait up to 2 weeks for your headphones
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