There has never been a better time to invest in a drone. Not only has the technology come a long way in their short existence but modern gadgets are easier to use, and much more durable. This is only the case if you buy from a reputable brand though.

Because of this, it is always a good idea to do your research and make sure the product you are considering has the quality to back its promises. The ExploreAIR Drone has been making some waves and naturally, this has caught our attention. Is this gesture command drone as sensational as they say it is? Let’s take a look.


What type of camera ExploreAIR Drone has?

One of the most disappointing traits for low-quality drones is that they fly well, are fine to control, but the picture quality is lacking. This is especially upsetting if you think you have captured something special.

Because of its HD camera, the ExploreAIR Drone has some of the best picture quality of any high-resolution camera drone. This means it will pick up minor details with added clarity and the colors look true instead of washed out or blurry. The 720P camera picks up the details to make the picture watchable time and again.


How fast ExploreAIR Drone charges?

The  ExploreAIR Drone  is fast to charge, taking just 1.5 hours to reach 100%. This means anyone can get back out there several times a day to capture more minutes of high flying action, something other brands cannot offer.

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A common complaint with a lot of drones is that the user has to wait a long time between uses. When the recharging takes too long, it can lessen the enjoyment and this is why a lot of drones go unused.


What is the flying time for ExploreAIR Drone?

Those who ask for more out of their drone will be happy to know that ExploreAIR Drone gives the user an impressive 13-15 minute of airtime to capture the world from above. This is nearly unheard of for a video recording drone in this price bracket.

It’s not uncommon for a drone to only last 5 minutes before it has to return to base and go for yet another recharge. The frustration grows until it is rarely used. Because this is a waste of a purchase, it is best to look for a camera drone that is capable of capturing more minutes.


What is the lengthy WiFi distance for ExploreAir Drone?

The ExploreAIR Drone has an 80 – 100 meters WiFi reach to give you a wider range. Because of this, you can control the drone via your smartphone and watch it in real-time as it captures the world below. There is even a slot to place your smartphone within the control to make life even easier.

The greater the Wifi reaches, the better as it means you can control a drone from further away, capturing a wider landscape. Being able to send it off and still control the device reliably makes the whole experience more fun.


Tailored Flight Routes

A basic drone is great as sometimes simple can be better for they can also get boring quite fast. With only the regular functions to play with, the limitations can wear thin and most people just want more.

Because it is packed full of useful features, the ExploreAIR Drone is not going to collect dust in your cupboard any time soon. One of the most impressive features is the tailored flight route mode. This allows you to draw a map on your smartphone and the ExploreAIR Drone will follow the course you’ve set out.

This is the sort of technology that most drones are not offering.


One key return available on ExploreAIR Drone

One of the main concerns with new users is getting their quadcopter drone back to base. Not only can it be tricky to navigate under certain conditions, but even getting started can take some getting used to.

There’s nothing wrong with that as you can always practice to get better but ExploreAIR Drone does make take-off and returning the drone easier. The one key return and function means it will either hover or fall gently to the ground at the click of a button.


Does ExploreAIR Drone has foldable design?

ExploreAIR Drone folds up small, and is easy to take from place to place, adding another layer of convenience.

Drones can sometimes have a reputation for being clunky devices and although the most important thing is performance, you do want a product that is easy to transport.


ExploreAIR Drone Has Super Easy Controls

There isn’t a sharp learning curve with this impressive camera drone so getting started is not going to take long. The controls on the Explore AIR are comfortable, easy to get to grips with and there are useful buttons such as take-off, one-click landing, and fine adjustments to get it into the perfect position.

Where can I purchase the ExploreAIR Drone?

ExploreAIR Drone is available for a limited time only, with exclusive offers and free shipping. Ordering is quick and easy, so take advantage of the great price by ordering yours today.