GX SmartWatch, a lightweight mobile device worn on the wrist. Many smartwatches are connected to a smartphone that informs the user of incoming calls, e-mail messages, and application notifications. Most smartwatches will make phone calls. Some smartwatches have color screens, although certain low-cost versions have the black-and-white “e-paper” interface.The consumer may control a smartwatch from a touch screen, a physical click, or a mixture of the two. Many smartwatches come with pedometers and heart rate sensors to help consumers control their safety.

GX SmartWatch Review

As computers shrank in size in the 20th century, electronic equipment became small enough to fit into a watch. One of the first calculator watches was the Calcron (1975), which had a nine-digit display. In the early 1980s, Seiko introduced several watches with computing capabilities. The Data-2000 (1983), so called because it could store two memos of up to 1,000 characters each, fit into a keyboard on which the user entered information. The RC-1000 (1984) connected to a personal computer. The Receptor MessageWatch (1990) received pager messages via FMradio signals.

The 1990s saw a further melding of watches and computers. Users of the Datalink (1994), a collaboration between Timex and Microsoft, entered information on their personal computers, such as phone numbers, which were then transmitted to the watch wirelessly, using light pulses. Seiko’s Ruputer (1998) was a personal computer that fit into a watch. Data were entered through buttons or a joystick, and users could write their own software. Samsung’s SPH-WP10 (1999) was the first watch phone; its battery lasted for 90 minutes of calling time.

One of the earliest true smartwatches was the Microsoft SPOT (Smart Personal Object Technology), introduced in 2004. The SPOT received information such as weather, news, and stock updates through FM radio. It also received e-mail and instant messages, but users could not reply. With the rise of the smartphone, smartwatches such as the Sony Ericsson LiveView (2010), the Pebble (2013), and the Apple Watch (2015) emerged that received data from a phone. In 2014 Google developed Android Wear—a version of its mobile operating system, Android—specifically for wearable devices like smartwatches.

What Is GX SmartWatch?

This amazing device, branded as GX SmartWatch, is an amazing day to day wearable smartwatch. Because of its multitude functions, a lot of people adapted to use this watch to the detriment of another well-known branded smart watches. Having an impressive price in comparison with other watches that cost up to 5x more, it’s a best buy for someone wanting to get another smartwatch.

GX SmartWatch is made from quality materials which give it a luxurious look. The front and back are covered with glass that cleans properly and make it looks unbelievable.

Also the wrist strap fits perfectly to any age group, making it perfect for training and ease of use.

GX SmartWatch was produced in all honesty taking into consideration all age groups. This is the reason for some of the very high noteworthy features such as good health tracker, following GPS territory, notification alerts and WiFi.

Why is GX SmartWatch So Popular?

We will see a few of the features that makes GX SmartWatch so unique for people all over the world:

Simple to Use by Anyone – Link to Android and iOS phones with the GX SmartWatch Application. Just install your APP, switch on your bluetooth and pair the watch to start using the device and its numerous features.  

Long Battery Life – Even on extreme use and, the verifiable high rechargeable lithium battery can continue to run up to 3 days.

Heartbeat tracking in Real TimeGX SmartWatch has an accurate heartbeat sensor and electrocardiogram to measure your activity and provide important information about your health.

Records Your Sleep-Get the quality of a pleasant night. Use the GX SmartWatch APP to keep track of how much sleep you actually get around night time. The outcome of that will help you change your sleep schedules for more rest and a more successful lifestyle.

Notifications – Because of its fast and stable connection with your phone, you can have your entire relational association on your wrist. Unlike more expensive smartwatches that only offer notifications from certain applications, GX SmartWatch will provide you all notifications received on the phone.

What are the Technical Features?

GX SmartWatchTechnical Specifications
CPUNordic NRF52832
ROM512 KB + 64 MB
Screen size1.3 TFT full touchscreen 240*240 pixels
waterproofIP68 standard
Battery300 MAH
Quality StandardGB 4943, 1-2011, GB/T 22450, 1-2008
Magnetic charging connectorsupports it
Blood Pressure Measurementsupported
Notification Functionsupported
Remote Camerasupported
Motion Sensorsupported
Alarm functionsupported
Calorie and PedometerInternational Standard level
Sleep Monitorsupported
Long-lasting Batterysupported
High Durabilitysupported
GX SmartWatch Review

Why should you buy the GX SmartWatch?

You should purchase this watch because it is the best buy from its price range. Another reason could  be its design and its amazing functions. The watch is designed using all the technology that enables you to track your health and keep your phone records saved.

One of the reasons this watch gets purchased and is highly in demand is the company’s Satisfaction Guarantee. The company allows you to try this watch for 30 days and you can return the watch and ask for a refund if you don’t like it. This is listed in the 30-day Money Back Guarantee agreement for the product.

Because of this fast motion world, a watch that so much features is an investment; it’s that kind of deivce that helps us to multi-task. And also  keeping control of your health. So, instead of regularly seeing a doctor, you can watch your health, and if still needed, you can do a consultation.

What are the benefits of using this watch?

If you still question if you should purchase this watch, then let’s think about its benefits.

  • The watch is lightweight, and packed with all you need. Multiple wear devices like fitness bands or an ordinary watch won’t be needed
  • It is waterproof and resistant to dust. You can count your laps easily whilst swimming.
  • The long battery life means that you still have it on your hand. It counts the amount of measures taken each day, and whether it’s your best personal.
  • It gives notifications once it is connected to your Android or iOS devices! This eliminates the need to always stare for your phone. This digital Gx smartwatch can even be used to answer calls.
  • The watch screen is large enough to facilitate the reading of texts on it. That makes it an ideal gift option for people of all ages.
  • The watch’s display is a HD Retina one.
  • It’ll keep motivating you to stay active. Actually, i think this is the coolest feature that this smartwatch have.


Having more features and better build quality than watches that cost up to 10x more, it’s a no brainer for anyone thinking about getting a smartwatch. It also makes an amazing present from family, friends, or coworkers. Works smoothly with a great battery life even for heavy users. GX SmartWatch has all the features you need from your watch, it is as good as the big brands but in a fraction of their price.

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