Winergy is an innovation in the area of wireless charging.

The term wireless charging has been around since Nikola Tesla attempted to demonstrate it in 1901. For nearly a century after, however, the technology was without many practical uses, except, perhaps, for a few electric toothbrush models.

Over the past decade, wireless charging matured through the formation of various standards groups such as the Wireless Power Consortium, and through mainstream adoption by mobile device makers, such as Samsung in 2014, and finally, Apple in 2017.

Winergy review

To date, wireless charging has consisted of direct-contact charging pads using tightly-coupled induction technology; that combo creates an electromagnetic field between two copper coils. Induction charging, while widely adopted because of Qi and other specifications, greatly limits the placement of a smartphone or other device on a charging pad. Nowadays, inductive charging has become the industry standard for a lot of smartphones.

If you want to buy a wireless charger, you have a lot of options on the market, but unfortunately, not all give the desired yield.
We have tested multiple chargers and chose the best one to review.

What is Winergy?

Winergy review

Winergy is a wireless charging pad that comes with some unique features which easily separates it from the competition. Smartphones are becoming more and more wireless. The latest generation of smartphones not even having a headphone connection anymore, this thing is due to the fact that manufacturers want to thin their phones more and more or add new technologies inside like wireless charging.

Winergy is here to prove to us that the new technologies can be very useful, even if we are losing some features with which we are accustomed. This charging pad it is very useful, and it also has a very modern design. Being covered in tempered glass, it has a slick appeal and smooth edges. The lamp in the mid rim is what really makes a difference and sets it apart from its competitors. It glows within the black design giving it a certain appeal as it goes around the whole device.

Winergy review

As for its functionality, you can use it anywhere you want. In the kitchen, next to you, while cooking, in the car while driving or at the beach, while enjoying the sun. There is really no place in the world where you cannot use it. All you have to do is place your phone on top of it and let it work its magic.

The best thing about this affordable smartphone charger is that it’s compatible with both Android and iOS so it works with almost every mobile phone out there. You can even use it with the last models, like iPhone 11, for example.

What Make Winergy a Revolutionary Wireless Charger?

High-end design: It Looks Great

The smartphone is the most important thing to have in today’s advanced and fast world. The heavy use of smartphones often leads to a low battery level just in the middle of the day. Possibly when you are at your workplace. You need a charger that can follow you around wherever.

From every day responsibilities to traveling with friends. Winergy is designed just for that! Light as a feather and small as a smartphone. It is designed to fit everywhere and you won’t even notice it. It’s actually one of the thinnest wireless chargers in the world.

Faster Charging and  Stronger Body

Winergy wireless charger is upgraded with advanced technology that helps you to charge your smartphone faster than ever. “And what if I have a thick phone case and need to take it off every time?” you might ask. The answer is pretty simple!

Once your battery is fully charged, a smart light will alert you. It has a charging distance about a centimeter that can get through any phone case you probably use. This 10-Watt powerful charger can face any obstacle any day.

Winergy Is Compatible To All Devices

Winergy review

Winergy is here for everyone! It’s compatible with all devices both Android and iOS. Even if you have one of each, or have a roommate with different smartphone software, you can charge them all with no trouble.

It is obvious to often find yourself annoying with the software of your smartphone? Android users have some advantages and iOS users have others. Winergy makes both of them come together and share a common charger without any hassle.

Who Is This For?

This device is for anyone who owns a smartphone that supports the Qi wireless-charging standard—including the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, XS Max, XR, 11, 11pro, the new SE 2020,  the past few generations of Samsung Galaxy phones, and the Google Pixel 4—and would like to charge it without plugging a cord into the phone itself. With a Qi charger, you just rest your device on the charging pad to power it up.

A wireless charger also frees up the Lightning-connector or USB-C port so you can use wired headphones while charging.

Do wireless chargers ruin your battery?

Yes, it is true! Wireless Charging can hurt your phone battery life. Well, to be specific, the heat generated during wireless charging can damage your phone.

The coolest feature of this device is that once your phone has been 100% charged, the pad will turn automatically itself off so it will not heat the battery unnecessarily.
So, with this wireless charger, you can forget about this issue.

How does it work?

One thing that really stands out with Winergy is the fact that it can easily charge your phone in less than 3 hours, which is uncommon for a wireless charger because they usually take longer. On top of this, Winergy does not change in time, no matter how long you have been using it. Usually, mobile chargers and especially wireless smartphone chargers tend to stop working after some time and will need more and more time in order to fully charge your phone, but this is not the case with this device.

Another great thing about this smartphone charger is the fact that it protects your home and also your device from overheating. Winergy is reaching a maximum of 35 degrees C, which is in fact half of what a lot of the competition heats to.

Apart from that, it can also recognize if something other than a compatible smartphone is placed on the device and will not be affected by it. Other safety features include anti-overcharging, short circuit protection, overload protection, and more.

Last but not least, it also has an anti-slip design thanks to the material on the bottom of the device which keeps it in place throughout.


Wireless chargers are the future, so while writing a summary of this awesome product. I considered it to be the best in its niche according to its size, features, and its architecture and design as well. Without any doubt, it is the best buy.

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