GX SmartWatch Review is what we’ve been so eager to share with you and it’s finally here!

A smartwatch is a portable device that is designed to be worn on a wrist. Smartwatches, like smartphones, use touchscreens, offer apps, and some of them, also record your heart rate and other vital signs.

While digital watches have been around for decades, some with abilities like calculators and unit converters, only in the 2010s tech companies began releasing watches with smartphone-like abilities. It’s no surprise that smartwatches are so popular nowadays, everyone seems to be getting one!

With more and more new features of smartwatches coming up every day, it is very difficult to be on the cutting edge of technology. Even the beta testers and early adopters have a hard time keeping up with the latest technological trends. Everyone also knows that big tech brands make small changes every year to their new smartwatches, but they still cost you a fortune!

We were curious to find out if you can buy a good smartwatch without paying a lot, so, we decided to investigate why everyone is choosing this particular new smartwatch, instead of the overpriced Apple & Samsung watches.

GX SmartWatch Review: What is it?

GX SmartWatch Review

GX Smartwatch is made by an innovative tech company in San Francisco. They’ve blended amazing styling, with the latest tech stuff. The build quality is high-end. It really feels like a premium watch.

The specially hardened aluminum shell and tempered touchscreen glass mean life’s bangs and bumps won’t scratch or break it. In fact, GX SmartWatch was built with a team with experience in this field.

That’s why you can enjoy some great features like integrated mobile support, location GPS tracking, alerts for medications, and Wi-Fi.

GX SmartWatch Review: Why is GX SMARTWATCH one of a kind?

GX SmartWatch Review: ultra thin design

It’s the perfect mix of classic and modern that makes GX SmartWatch stand out from the crowd. It resembles a fashionable classic watch but features all the best and most valuable functions of a quality smartwatch plus a little bit more!

Besides all the regular things that any smartwatch has to offer, such as notifications, sleep monitor, step count, calls, etc., GX SmartWatch is also able to keep track of the most important signs of your body in real-time and help you maintain your physical health and emotional stability every single day, like heart rate, blood pressure, and electrocardiogram.

GX SmartWatch Review: Why is GX Smartwatch so popular?

GX SmartWatch Review: super retina display

It’s simple, people love how it looks! Until now every smartwatch was the same; a small square screen, with a fragile and boring design. GX Smartwatch is different.

This amazing smartwatch has a stylishly classic, large, round, chrono-styled face. You can choose from a range of straps made from leather or steel, not rubber or plastic like the other brands. GX Smartwatch just looks so much more strong, confident, and classy than a plain, boring Apple watch.

GX Smartwatch is packed with tons of useful and potentially lifesaving functions, fitness features, and health benefits:

  • ECG, Heart rate, Blood pressure – Life-saving 24/7 health and heart monitoring alerts
  • State-of-the-art Fitness tracking – Get fit, get healthy and stay motivated
  • Step counter – Set goals, hit them, and lose weight fast just by walking!
  • Sleep manager – Get woken up at the optimum time for you, so you feel fully rested!
  • Calorie counter – Improve your diet and lose your excess weight!
  • 380MAH Li-ion battery – Long life, super-efficient, less annoying recharges
  • Big 1.3inch Display – HD clear, easy-to-read display, oversized for easy touch control
  • Sedentary Warning – Tells you when to sit less and move more, making you healthier
  • IP68 Water Resistant – Wear yours in the shower or pool workouts
  • Take calls and notifications – Keep your phone safe in your pocket
  • Sync to both iPhone and Android – Supports IOS and Andriod
  • Control your music – The easiest way to change track and volume
  • Anti-lost – Call your lost phone from your GX Smartwatch to find it fast
  • Take a photo – Use your GX Smartwatch to take a photo on your smartphone

GX Smartwatch is essentially a premium smartwatch and a specialist health monitoring device in one handsome body. It feels like having a personal trainer, assistant, and life insurance policy, on your wrist!

One thing is for certain, once you try the GX Smartwatch, you will get addicted and never want to go back to life without it!

GX SmartWatch Review: Who can wear GX SMARTWATCH?

GX SmartWatch Review: bluetooth call

GX SmartWatch was created for everyone! Whether you work in an office and need a little boost to become more active and organized, want to improve your already active lifestyle, or just be able to follow your body’s signals in your golden years – GX SmartWatch is the right choice! It will remind you to take care of your health and provide feedback and results by monitoring all the vital signs of your body 24/7.

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GX SmartWatch Review: Is it worth it?

GX SmartWatch Review: smart functions

Considering that it offers many more features than the competition, at a lower price, without any doubt it worth it. GX SmartWatch is a revolutionary device that will help you stay organized and keep track of your health at all times. In addition to being your personal medical assistant 24/7, GX SmartWatch also brings some style into your life – its classic design is truly something that catches everyone’s eye!

GX SmartWatch Review: How can it be so affordable?

GX SmartWatch Review: EKG function

The secret behind that is advertising. Since GX SmartWatch is a direct-to-consumer brand, they spend nothing in the advertisement. They also only sell online so they can cut out any middle-men. When you buy from a big, premium brand, you aren’t only paying for the product, you are paying for all the enormous costs they have as a company. That’s why the products are so expensive.

GX SmartWatch Review: How much does the GX SmartWatch cost?

GX SmartWatch Review: 4 colors available

If you look at it superb quality and all the functionalities of the GX SmartWatch, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a price tag of 500-600€. Fortunately enough the price of $99 (reduced from $198) is way below that we expected. That’s an incredibly small price to pay, for a smartwatch with a look and features like this one.

Here are the extra offers available on the official website:

  • Buy 2 GX SmartWatches and Get 1 for FREE – pay $197 (reduced from $594)
  • Buy 3 GX Smartwatches and Get 2 for FREE – pay $297 (reduced from $990)

GX SmartWatch Review: Our Verdict

GX SmartWatch Review: brown and black versions

If you have never owned a smartwatch – the GX SmartWatch is the perfect first time model. It is also an amazing gift for family, friends, or coworkers. They’ll think you spent a ton of money on it because it premium design and build.

In a Nutshell: WE WERE AMAZED! You won’t find a better smartwatch for such a low price. Without any doubt, it’s the best from its price range.

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