You’re currently using displays to do just about anything like work, relax, or even catch up with your everyday life. If your eyes are dry and tired, your vision is blurry or you have headaches by the end of the day you may be blamed for all the time spend on your smart devices. This is how our ZenMind XP Review came up!

Technology has been trying to find a way to relieve people from this problem and also for the everyday tension that may cause health problems. Not only this stress can be bad for your body, but also for your mind.

How can you take a break from it and enjoy a couple of peaceful minutes? Surely, taking pills to combat headaches all the time isn’t the solution. That’s how the ZenMind XP eye massager was born. An eye massager is like pretty much an eye mask that comes with a remote so that you can control it.

ZenMind XP works around temples, eye sockets, and pressure points around the eye. It also works like a blinder. This instrument is very easy to carry and use.

We have tested a few models available on the market and chose the best one to made an honest review about it. So here’s our ZenMind XP Review!

ZenMind XP Review: What Are Eye Massagers?

ZenMind XP Review: multi-frequency vibration motor

At first, the idea of a device that massages your eye may seem risky. However, these devices are specially developed and built to massage around your eyes, and never on them properly. The massage is really gentle and though as it utilizes water, air, and other soft substances to create a soft compression.

Eye massagers are placed over your eyes like goggles and go over your head like a helmet. They are easy to travel with and appear to be long-lasting devices that you can count on. They can be a very good investment and a perfect gift considering the benefit they bring to your eyes every time you use them.

Anyone whose job needs a lot of screen time and someone who works long hours or struggles with a lot of tension will love this amazing device.

ZenMind XP Review: What is it?

Zenmind XP is an eye massager with a multi-frequency vibration stimulation and heat compression. The hot air compression technology forms a heated reflux layer in combination with well-fitted human facial contour linings. It effectively helps relieve eye fatigue. And the coolest feature is that It comes with a Bluetooth music player that provides an extra bonus during the relaxation session.

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ZenMind XP Review: How Does It Work?

ZenMind XP Review: compression of hot air

For full relief, it combines massage with heat power, it’s important to know that this simple technology can not harm you in any way.

There’s is no need to think about being too tiny or too large for you. It’s built to suits everyone and also you can listen to music through the Bluetooth speaker, which will help you create a relaxing atmosphere.

Within minutes of using it, you can feel relaxed as the pain fades away. Simply, choose the mode which is better for you and let the device do it amazing job. It is more than any eye mask you could find on the market.

ZenMind XP Review: What features must a massager have?

ZenMind XP Review: ice silk cotton
  • Comfort: Investing in comfortable eye massages is always important. This is because you’re going to use that on your skin. As such, it must be lightweight and comfortable to reduce irritations. Furthermore, you should also check the materials it is made from. Many massagers are made with special silicone, which can be used safely on the skin. Other versions had padding installed inside them. This padding works as a cushion to allow the massager to safely relax on the forehead. Investing in an unpleasant eye massager can only generate problems while in operation. Make sure the model you are interested in has been well engineered to help keep your skin pampered and still relaxed while in operation.
  • Amount of Settings: Eye massagers ought to come with a wide range of settings. It should enable you to choose from many different massage pressures and techniques as well as different heat settings. A variety of settings shall help you in customizing the massager so that it works well to meet your needs. In case the eye massager lacks customizable settings, then it might not help you fully. For this reason, you should always check available settings on the eye massager before deciding to buy it.
  • Adjustability Features: Wearable eye massager is used by different kinds of people. As a result, these eye massagers ought to have an adjustability feature. A single size does not always fit all people and poorly fitting eye massagers won’t work well. It’s therefore important that you check and see if wearable eye massagers can be adjusted, for instance using a knob. This shall help it to fit better on your head so as to work well.

ZenMind XP Review: What Benefits Make ZenMind XP the Best Eye Massager?

1. Relive Your Youth

The traditional eye relaxing methods no longer seem to work. The results don’t last long so you just look tired all the time. ZenMind XP combines ventilation and heat for effects that are both stronger and longer enduring.
ZenMind XP warms up the muscles behind the eyes to help move through the blood.

The heat range is about 38-41.6 ° C (100.4-107 ° F) and provides a warm feel. The device is tiny and compact and takes no more than a few minutes to be successful.

2. Choose Between 4 Massaging Modes

If all other eye masks struggle to provide you with enough options for massaging, ZenMind XP provides just what you need.

Forget the modes which are not solid enough to make a difference.
This device targets 9 separate acupuncture points to offer you a gentle warmth relaxing the main areas around your eyes.

Choose from the compression heat and air, massage duration, sound, vibration, and more.

Boost blood supply to the right areas, and improve dark circles and puffiness.

Put all the things in the past that make you feel exhausted for too long due to a poor night’s sleep or looking at a phone.

Curious to learn more about how our eyes get tired, symptoms, and how to combat the negative effects? Read more from this article.

3. Built-in Bluetooth Speakers

ZenMind XP Review: bluetooth music

While the technology behind this product is amazing enough, it also helps you to chill in other ways.

ZenMind XP helps you link your phone to Bluetooth when relaxing so that you can adapt the soundtrack to the calming eye massage.

Since comfort is all, the device’s sound over your ear and the freedom to listen to slow music are benefits that other devices are unable to deliver.

4. One Device to Fit Them All

ZenMind XP Review: adjustable strap

Don’t worry about the ZenMind XP‘s size compared to your head. It comes with an adjustable strap and it’s designed in such a way that fits everyone.
It won’t be too big or too small for you. The cotton cushion on the inside makes the whole experience really relaxing and there’s no chance you’ll feel uncomfortable while wearing it.

Enjoying our ZenMind XP Review so far? Stay with us for even more useful information.

ZenMind XP Review: Our Final Verdict

If you are planning to buy an eye massager you don’t have to do research because ZenMind it’s the best buy. If you experience some discomfort or dryness problems in your eyes, then nothing could be better than the ZenMind XP Eye Massager.

It is a practical investment, and you will not regret it in the long run. Before using the hand massager, contact your Eye specialist. Stay hydrated while using the massager. Keeping in mind the advantages it provides, ZenMind XP is a must-buy for those with eye-related discomfort.

ZenMind XP Review: Where to Order Online

ZenMind XP Review: product image

We couldn’t let our ZenMind XP Review pass without introducing you to the offers that are currently available online. The manufacturers of ZenMind XP released special offers and packages on their official website so that you can easily order your very own ZenMind XP. The offers are as follows:

  • Hottest offer: Buy 3 ZenMind XP and get 2 for FREE – pay $297 (reduced from $990)
  • Buy 2 ZenMind XP and get 1 for FREE – pay $197 (reduced from $594)
  • Buy 1 ZenMind XP and pay $99 (reduced from $198)
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