It is believed that around 10% of the world’s population are suffering from neck pain at any one time. So it’s no surprise that the market is bursting with lots of different scruff massage products for you to choose from, meaning you can enjoy massage therapy at home without having an on hand masseuse! Therefore to save your time, we’ve looked at the market, tested some products and chosen this Neck Massager that we believe to be the best one.

Neck Massager Review

What Causes Neck And Shoulder Pain?

Our neck is a delicate structure that supports our head and everything inside it. It’s made of muscles, ligaments, bones, and cervical discs that all work together to ensure your neck moves and functions normally. Thus, any abnormality that affects one of these structures can lead to scruff pain or stiffness. The most common causes of scruff pain include wrong sleeping position, sports-related injury, and poor posture. The last one is best exemplified by office workers or gamers who spend crazy hours in front of their computers while in a slumped position. 

Other possible causes of neck pain are the following:

  • Trauma from accidents; whiplash.
  • Degenerative diseases like arthritis.
  • Tumors.
  • Any abnormality in the neck bone or joints.
Neck Massager Review

More often than not, pain in the scruff also involves the shoulders as the two are connected through the trapezius muscle. The shoulder is particularly vulnerable to injuries because of the mobility of its ball and socket joint. Some of the common causes of shoulder pain include:

  • Dislocation or fractures.
  • Tendonitis due to overuse.
  • Muscle strains from exercise or contact sports.
  • Frozen shoulders.
  • Pinched nerves or radiculopathy.

Pains  can be easily treated with complementary therapies such as massage. But, If your neck pain persists for more than a week and is accompanied by alarming symptoms, please consult your doctor immediately.

How To Treat Neck And Shoulder Pain?

Neck Massager Review

Treatment for the neck and shoulder pain depends on the severity of the condition. It can range from anti-inflammatory medications or pain relievers to surgical procedures in cases involving nerve roots or the spinal cord.

Because of the risks that go along with medications and invasive procedures, more and more patients are now resorting to complementary therapy for pain relief. This includes massage therapy given by trained therapists who know how to safely manipulate the scruff and shoulder muscles.

Equally effective is this device designed to mimic the actions of the therapist’s fingers and hands. Neck Massager is lightweight and portable, providing you the convenience of getting a relaxing massage without relying on someone else’s hands.

What is a neck massager? 

Neck Massager Review

This is an electrical device that massages individual parts of the neck and shoulder area. This can relieve hardening of the musculature as well as tension. This is a partial body massage. The neck massager device loosens the entire tissue and stimulates blood circulation.

Neck massager device is primarily used for preventive treatment. If the pain is chronic or symptomatic, it is advisable to consult a doctor. The doctor will first find out the cause of the neck pain and initiate further forms of treatment.

Neck massage not only have a pain-relieving effect, this is also an excellent wellness device for relaxing. Regular massages of the scruff and shoulder area with the neck massager device can not only prevent chronic pain and strong muscle tension, they are ideal to recover from stressful everyday life.

Why we recommend neck massager?

Neck Massager Review

Neck massager device works with heat and is characterised by an enormous relaxation effect. Thanks to the pleasant temperature, slight tensions and muscle hardening can be relieved. It is   equipped with a control element that allows the heat supply to be switched on and off as required. The supplied warmth triggers gives a pleasant feeling of relaxation and promotes blood circulation in the scruff area.

Thanks to the added heat, the massage effect is maximised. The combination of massage and heat has a particularly positive effect on hardened muscles and, according to the test results, neck massager device is particularly efficient because they also relieve pain.

Neck Massager Review


  • Excellent relaxation effect
  • Additional heat treatment
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Has an analgesic effect

How does a neck massage device work?

The device is specially developed for the scruff region. Actually,  it works very simple, tension and hardening of the muscles are treated with vibrations, while others radiate heat.

What Are The Health Benefits Of A Neck Massager?

Neck Massager Review

Although more scientific data are needed to prove the effectiveness of neck massage, recent findings have been pointing towards the right direction.

In a study published in 2009 in the Clinical Journal of Pain, 64 adults who had been suffering from persistent scruff pain for at least 12 weeks were given either massage or self-care book. After 4, 10, and 26 weeks, the result for each group was measured.

Those who received massage 10 times within 10 weeks reported a more significant improvement in function and symptoms than those who only received a self-care book. At the end of 26 weeks, the self-care-book group also increased their medication intake by 14%, higher than the massage group whose medication use remained the same.

Neck Massager Review

This study, funded by NCCIH and done at the Group Health Center in Seattle, proved that scruff massage can treat pain if done regularly.

As for the right dose of massage that is most effective in relieving pain, another study published in the Annals of Family Medicine provides an answer.

Led by Karen Sherman, senior scientific investigator at the Group Health Research Institute in Seattle, the researchers assigned 228 participants to six different groups, each varying in terms of the duration and frequency of massage they received per week.

When the results were in, they discovered that those who received an hour (60 minutes) of massage for two to three times a week were “five times as likely to have a clinically meaningful improvement in function and over twice as likely to report a clinically meaningful decrease in pain.”


Neck Massager Review

Overuse of muscles, posture problems, stress and other factors can be causing neck pain. Neck massager device have been developed for self-massage in the home or on the road. This is not only relax tense muscles, but also help to relax after a stressful day. 

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