TV ShareMax is the most affordable streaming tool you can get! Technology has advanced so much that you do not have to buy an expensive smart TV in order to stream your favorite movies and videos.

This small yet very powerful device can easily replace a smart TV if you do not or cannot invest in one. All you need is a good WiFi connection (which I am sure you already have in your house), a regular TV and a mobile phone/tablet or laptop.

These three will work their magic and together will let you play your movie on a big screen. The market offers a variety of such devices but a lot of them are having issues, for example, most of them are not compatible with all operating systems, are facing slow connection, or have a high price.

We have tested a few of them and reviewed the best one.

TVShareMax review

What Is TV ShareMax?

Digital TV is losing the fight to web-based shows. TV ShareMax actually transforms your TV into a home film focus you’ll need to spend the whole day at. It has a lightweight and compact USB spot. Just by connecting it to your TV, TV ShareMax can transform it into a completely useful home film.

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With TV ShareMax, you can make the most of your preferred film on the TV screen. That means you do not have to be looking at your small cell phone, tablet, or workstation show for a considerable length of time. It is perfect with Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Youtube, Spotify, and some more!

How Exactly Does TV ShareMax Work?

TVShareMax review

TVShare Max is likewise incredibly simple to utilize. If you have a YouTube, Hulu, Disney+, HBO, Netflix, Amazon Prime record or you use some other film shows, you can play the video on your TV using TV ShareMax in less than a minute.

To set up TV ShareMax, basically follow these 3 stages:

1. Plug TV ShareMax into your TV.

2. Connect with your WiFi.

3. Sit back and enjoy your video.

TVShareMax review

Play whatever you like from your cell phone, tablet, or pc! At any point you want to watch something from your phone, simply turn on your TV and watch it there for a better view. TV ShareMax can communicate your preferred video in full HD video quality with no blurring of image quality.

In any case, what makes TV ShareMax a genuine deal is that it can transform any conventional TV into a smart TV at a small amount of the price. You’ll set aside a little amount of cash by purchasing a TV ShareMax, which will give you the same feeling the cinema will give you at the comfort of your home.

You can appreciate family photographs or videos in full detail on your TV screen or let your children play video games on the TV as opposed to harming their eyes with a cell phone!

What are the Features of TV ShareMax?

TVShareMax review

1. Crystal Clear Video And Audio Quality

TV ShareMax can stream Full HD content to your TV without lag and up to 60fps making it ideal for gaming from your smartphone and tablet to your TV. The image quality is outstanding, offering you the opportunity to watch from your phone on a big screen in full HD.

2. Very Easy To Use For Anyone

Anyone can use TV ShareMax. You just plug it to your TV, press the power button, and wait for some seconds. It connects quickly to your Wifi network and allows you to stream anything from your device on your TV.

3. Can be used on any television irrespective of the model

TVShareMax review

A smart tv can cost a fortune, especially if it has a large diagonal or is curved. If you buy one, you have to spend time connecting it and that’s if all the features work. The best thing about TV ShareMax is that no matter how old or what model, any TV can be a smartTV.

You aren’t limited to what apps you can use – as long as it’s on your phone, you can watch it on TV,  your phone becomes the remote control so you can watch the likes of Amazon Prime and YouTube, or listen to music through the speakers via Spotify. Even your laptop or tablet can be used to control what you watch as they are just as easy to connect.

4. Works with most of the usual apps

TVShareMax review

Ever wanted to FaceTime a friend but find it hard to read their expressions or hear them properly? This is a frustration that can be easily avoided when you use TV ShareMax. Not restricted to just a few apps, it works on a large range of multimedia including safari, streaming services, HBO Now, Netflix, and a lot more. A lot of people use it to sort through their photos and watch their videos as it gives you the chance to see them on a big screen.

5. Compatible With Any Online Streaming

It is compatible with any online streaming. So no need to be bothered about whichever one you use. It works great for all streaming like NetFlix, HBO, amazon-prime, youtube, and more.

6. Has an incredibly lightweight and very portable

TVShareMax review

Most gadgets that offer screen shareability tend to weight high which limits its movement but that is not the case with TV ShareMax. Because it doesn’t weigh much and can fit in the back pocket of your jeans, TV ShareMax can be taken from room to room to be used on different TV’s.

It is a popular product with teenagers who want to be able to share their screen at a friend’s house and because it is so portable, it can fit in their bag with ease. When you’re traveling abroad and can’t work out how to use the TV or staying in a hotel and want to watch your favorite shows from your phone, TV ShareMax makes life simple on the road.

TV ShareMax Specifications

TVShareMax review

For more information about this product, the following technical details are interesting and worth knowing for you:

  • Cast Modes: AirPlay, DLNA, Miracast, AirMirror, cross-system mirroring and streaming of Netflix/YouTube/Chrome/etc.
  • Supports H.265 decoding
  • HD 1080p playback Full-HD
  • HDMI output with 50 percent faster processing speed.
  • Plug and Play
  • Android 4.4+ and iOS 9.0+ or MacOS 10+.

Why do I need this TVShare Max?

TVShareMax review

Up to now, it has only been possible to watch your favorite videos on your big screen device thanks to large sums of money thrown out of the window. The primary provider is Google. But too many negative experiences caused more and more people in America to turn their backs on it and connect the TV ShareMax as a TV streaming device on their big screen.

The Full HD quality and the extremely fast loading of the video without stopping or pauses in the connection as well as the low costs compared to Google and other providers made sure that Google and Co. were more and more outranking the TV ShareMax and most Americans now only want to use this very special TV streaming device on their big screen.

What makes TV ShareMax different from other wireless streaming devices available in the market?

Unlike the other wireless streaming devices available in the market, TV ShareMax is compatible with all the Android and iOS devices, which means that you can pair it with all the models and versions of your smartphones, laptops, and PCs. It is also extremely portable so that you can travel with it anywhere you want to and watch your favorite shows from the comfort of your hotel room.

Unlike other devices, there’s no limit as to what apps you can use with it. From Disney+ to HBO, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, Apple TV, etc, you can use any streaming service that you’re subscribed to via TV ShareMax. It is also absolutely affordably priced so that buying it won’t burn a hole in your pocket.


TV ShareMax is a portable, small device that offers the technology you need for streaming. It connects to your TV through HDMI, and through USB for power supply. Once you turn it on, you just need to pair it with your mobile phone or computer via Wi-Fi.

It comes with a user-friendly app which makes it easy for people of all ages. Forget about small screens and hollow audio, this little miracle promises to take you on a full high definition trip with deep and full sound. We decided that it is the best product in its niche tested by us and we recommend it without a doubt.

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