Since the invention of the camera, the world of entertainment gradually evolved. Selfies and videos are part of our daily lives, especially since everyone is partially living virtually nowadays and we feel the urge to present our best selves to the world. Thus, a great selfie requires more than just an ordinary smartphone: that’s where Self Cam PRO comes in handy. Check out our review below:

What Is Self Cam PRO

Self Cam PRO is a lightweight, portable and convenient selfie stick and tripod stand for picture-taking and video-making. It is therefore regarded as a two in one product.

self cam pro review

While serving as a selfie stick, Self Cam PRO has the ability of holding your smartphone firmly and then, using Bluetooth, it connects with your smartphone, giving you the awesome pleasure to take pictures and videos from a higher angle with a broader view. All you need to do is just press the button at one end of the stick.

While serving as a tripod stand, Self Cam PRO allows you to place your smartphone in one place and make a standalone shooting of pictures or videos.

Features Of Self Cam PRO

  • Self Cam PRO is a professional portable selfies stick
  • It is lightweight
  • Easy to use and portable
  • Stable selfie shooting
  • It serves as both a selfie stick and a tripod stand for standalone shooting
  • Take pictures or videos at a higher angle and broader view
self cam pro review

Technical Specifications of Self Cam PRO

  • Aluminum body
  • Expandable
  • Rustproof: Built with strong mounting
  • Firm cell phone grip
  • Bluetooth connection: no cables
  • Selfie stick and tripod stand combination
  • Strong clamp-on
  • High connectivity

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How to use Self Cam PRO

Self Cam PRO Telescopic Expanding Selfies Stick is one of the few devices that are valuable for individuals who make content using their cell phones or need to take pictures from a more extensive or elevated angle. This is a two one gadget that helps in various perspectives for improving quality pictures and video recordings.

The best thing about this accessory is that it connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth connectivity without using any form of wire. This makes it incredibly easy to use. This gadget has been built to give a firm grip and handling to the users. This device holds the cell phone in one hand and goes about as a selfie stick to give an elevated view to the camera.

Additionally, Self Cam PRO gets transformed into a tripod stand of height approximately 8 inches which is exceedingly helpful when taking stationary videos or setting the camera in one place in order to take pictures. The smartphone’s physical means of triggering the camera, such as the sound volume controls or the touch screen camera button of the device, are replicated on headphones with on-cord controls. Selfie sticks when plugged into a smartphone jack plug, it is seen by the smartphone as headphone.

The selfie stick gives more practical use in situations that require assistance for taking photos and videos at difficult and complex angles that need to be taken from an extended, elevated distance beyond the arm’s reach. It allows the user to take photos and videos in dangerous or near to impossible situations, such as recording footage in a very deep hole, over a cliff, or simply at an angle that is too far away from the user.

The most common way on how to use a selfie stick is to take your smartphone, then slide it in place or mount it on the end of the selfie stick as instructed by the manufacturer, and connect it via Bluetooth or the 3.5mm jack. From there, extend the selfie stick’s rod and then use the camera button built into the stick’s handle or fob in order to remotely capture photos and videos.

Benefits of Self Cam PRO

Self Cam PRO has grown exceedingly compared to other selling accessories of the producers and a lot of content makers are likewise using it. The gadget has numerous advantages and some of them are:

  • Stretchable or expandable stick: Unfolding Self Cam PRO presents you with a selfie stick of around 40 inches long. This advantage gives you extra gravity control owing to its focal point of weight balance.
  • Firm grip on The clamp of SelfCam enables you to put your cell phone gadget and fix it on the selfie stick firmly.
  • Great Connectivity: Self Cam PRO has extraordinary connectivity, which implies that everybody ought to have the option to utilize it without having any issue.
  • No More Asking Strangers: Another great perk of using a selfie stick is no more having to seek out a random stranger to take a picture for you. That means no more searching for someone who looks like they won’t steal your phone, no more standing there awkwardly waiting for them to figure out how to use it, and no more of those oblivious pedestrians walking right through the shot. I think we can all do without that.
  • Affordable: Self Cam PRO review maintains that this gadget is highly affordable with 50% discount and free shipping worldwide.

Other benefits include:

  • Self Cam PRO gives you a higher and more wider angle to take pictures and videos.
  • It is anything but difficult to use and maintain.
  • It doesn’t use cables so don’t stress over mistakenly cutting the wires. It is fairly connected with your smartphone through Bluetooth.
  • Self Cam PRO is both a selfie stick and a tripod stand.
  • Its tripod stand has a tough and high base. 
  • It doesn’t give strain while holding for quite a while.
  • Awesome Angles & Perspectives.
  • You can take a photo without getting tired
  • No worries of asking people to help you take a photo
  • No shakiness when taking selfies
  • It saves you from text-neck disorder


The stick can be used for taking selfies as well as group photos. It is extremely easy to use, simply by turning it on and pairing it with your smartphone via Bluetooth. The Self Cam PRO stick comes with an adjustable head that can rotate up to 270 degrees. This ensures that you can capture stunning photos from any angle you desire. When it comes to group photos, you will be able to cram more people in one photo. Take the most satisfying group selfies with this product whether you’re in a party or in a family gathering.

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