Noise Buds X are the new and improved earphones specially tailored to accompany you in every aspect of your life. Whether you are at work and need a soft detachment from the noisy environment, or in the coziness of your own home and need your intimate space, this device is the best deal you can get. 

It is supposed to save you time and energy, and so it does. Between all the devices alike that we have tried to be properly reviewed, this one exceeded our expectations. Check out our full review on Noise Buds X!

Noise Buds X Review

Overall characteristics

An array of efficacious features including IPX5 sweat resistance, built-in touch controls, voice assistant access, Bluetooth v5.0 and more, dull out the absence of others such as a dedicated app and USB Type-C charging, especially at the relatively inexpensive price point of Rs 3,999. While the touch controls can be erratic and the lows are quite muted, the Noise Buds X are still a solid, value-for-money purchase.

Box contents

  • Noise Buds X in Matte Black color
  • Different set of ear tips (Small, Medium and Large)
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Quick start guide

Design and built

Upon unboxing the Noise Buds X, users will be greeted by the earphones itself encased in a matte-black elliptical charging case, a micro-USB charging cable, a user manual and additional ear tips in different sizes (S, M and L). The oval charging case’s matte finish is pleasing to the touch and feels quite premium in hand, despite its plastic body. The ‘Noise’ logo is subtly embedded smack in the middle of the case and has an extremely understated look. The case is magnetically sealed shut but opens up seamlessly without having to apply too much pressure. 

Noise Buds X Review

The case is fairly pocketable, however, it did jut out quite a bit in women’s jeans. It is exceedingly lightweight as well, weighing a mere 50g along with the earphones inside the case. The case also features a charging indicator with four small LEDs that light up white indicating the remnants of charge in the case. 

The design of the earphones is reminiscent of the Apple Airpods since they too feature the customary ‘pipe-style’ design with angled tips. As mentioned above, the box includes differently-sized silicone ear tips and the amalgamation of this along with the 45-degree angled earphone nozzles ensure a snug fit.

Noise Buds X Review

The Noise Buds X are unnaturally comfortable to wear, even for prolonged listening sessions and stay put even during running and light exercise, which is commendable. Be warned though, these earphones do protrude out of the ears a fair bit, and if you have short hair or wear your hair in a ponytail, they bulge quite prominently, even from a distance. 

The earphones also sport a similar matte texture as the charging case with golden magnetic points that connect to the charging case. They also feature an LED each which glows red when the battery is low, blue when the earphones are in pairing mode and white when connected. Overall, the design of the charging case and earphones complement each other well, with both sporting a minimalist, understated yet classy look. 

Noise Buds XFunctions & Gestures

FunctionLeft earphone (L)Right earphone (R)
Play/PauseDouble tap
Previous SongTriple tap
Next SongTriple tap
Volume+Single tap
Volume-Single tap
Voice AssistantTouch and hold
Answer callSingle tap
Reject callTouch and hold for 2 seconds
End callDouble tap
Mute on callTouch and hold for 4 seconds

Noise Buds XBattery

The Noise Buds X offers a fairly sizeable four hours of battery life on the earbuds itself and the accompanying charging case is capable of topping the earphones off an additional three times. This gives it an overall battery life of sixteen hours, which is not too shabby at this price point, especially when the Apple AirPods only similar figures that almost four times the price.

Noise Buds X Review

We managed to extract about 3 and a half hours of juice from the earbuds, which is pretty close to the company claim. The charging case, powered by a 650mAH battery, delivered as advertised and was able to charge the buds three times over. When the battery of the earphones reach a critical stage, the earphones repeatedly prompt you about this every 30 seconds and the LED indicators turn red.

The charging case’s LEDs light up white when it is connected to the micro-USB charger and stop glowing once the case has been fully charged. It took around 2 hours and 15 minutes to bring the case up from 0 per cent to a hundred per cent.

Connectivity, Pairing and AI Assistant

The Bluetooth headset supports Bluetooth 5.0 and also supports Qualcomm aptX audio for HD audio experience. You need to enable this from the Bluetooth settings in some phones for the best audio experience. It powers on and pairs to your phone quickly when you remove them from the case, and the LED lights blink blue once it pairs. Left earphone automatically connects to the right earphone, and you hear ‘TWS connected’.  You just have to select the Noise Buds X from the Bluetooth menu on the phone to pair the headphones. You get voice feedback when it enters pairing mode and when it connects successfully.

Noise Buds X Review

Since there is no power button on the headset, you need to place and remove them from the case to connect them again. This doesn’t have multi point support, so you can’t connect the Noise Buds X to two devices at a time. It is compatible with Android, iOS devices along with MP3 players with Bluetooth support. The headset doesn’t have a companion app, but you can launch Siri on iOS and Google Assistant on Android devices when you touch and hold any of the earbuds for 4 seconds when no music is playing.

Our verdict

Noise Buds X is a pair of truly wireless IEMs that do not compromise extensively on sound quality as well, despite the affordable price tag that comes attached with it. While bass lovers may not get a resounding thump with every beat drop, the earphones sport detailed mids and highs, making a wide variety of tracks sound tonally appealing. 

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